Eh maybe, but I do know that's what she said...

by Jonny Flamez


Jonny holds the chair in his hand and then opens it up and has a seat. Kade still waits for the bash of the steel, smacking him in the back of the skull. "Kade, my man, I told you.... I'm not here to fight." Kade turned around to see Jonny sitting in the chair with his arms held out.

"I'm might be looking for some people whom which I know they have my back. I'm not lookin for a group, I'm not lookin for a Team, I'm looking for some friends, or at least acquaintances here in the DWF, and why not start with the people I know, why not start with the ones who which I've shared blood, sweat, and battle scars with. I'm lookin for some tough Sons of Bitches, in case things get hairy and I'm out numbered." He took a breath and then stood up. He tossed the chair out of the way and looked Kade in the eyes.

"I'm not one whose gonna beat around the bush so to speak. I'll be frank and forward with you at all times, as I know you will be with me. I'm lookin for some friends, cuz I haven't had many over the years, and when I do they seem to turn on me. I don't think you are that type unless I did something to provoke it. So what do you say?"

He waited to hear back from the man, whom had provoked him to blast him with a chair, a lil on edge. He didn't know how he would react, and he didn't know if there was already someone lurking in the shadows, wanting to take him out, before he even got started.

Posted on Sep 4, 2009, 11:58 AM

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