...You don't know what you're talking about anymore, do you?

by + His Royal Darkness, The Dark Requiem +

His Royal Darkness lay on the floor, quickly curled to one side as his hand reached instinctively up to his head where Damien's boot had hit him. But he was on his back again as the Vampire King reached down and grabbed both legs, hooking him up for a slingshot. With a wicked grin on his face Damien hefted and fell back, propelling the Dark One up and into the waiting arms of the assembled masses. The darkling was sprawled out in mid-air like a crowd-surfer.

JL: I think our insurance provider is having palpitations. Damien just launched him on top of the fans.

The leader of the nWo got back up to his feet and turned to the crowd, ready to pick up his prey out of the people. But the nWo's champion had regained his wits--while still half-hoisted up in the air by the stunned fans, he pushed himself upward off the heads of two fans, enough to steady his feet on the shoulders of a third. When Damien did turn around, he caught a leg into the face as the Dark One spun himself backward off the fan's shoulders.

JR: And an unbelievable Stream of Consciousness kick off the crowd's shoulders, and if the insurance company was having palpitations earlier it's having a heart attack now!
JL: This second fall better come quickly, these guys don't care who gets in front of them.
JR: I don't know if I can recall a match in which the competitors used the crowd as a weapon against each other.

Both men tumbled to the floor, scraped and bruised, and immediately reached around for something to grab in order to pick themselves up. Damien had rolled over by a concrete staircase, and crawled in its direction. The Dark One, also on his knees, followed after him, using him to brace his own rising. But as he reached for his opponent's hair, Damien let fly with a wild punch right between the champion's legs. The darkling hunched forward as the people gasped in its usual sympathy pains. But the Dark One was more angered than pained. In almost one fluid motion, he stomped one foot on the ground, grabbed Damien by both sides of the head, dragged him up to his feet, wrapped one hand hard around the vampire's pale throat, lifted him up, and slammed him down on the concrete steps.

JL: Auow!! That had to break his back!
JR: Good God! His Royal Darkness, just absolutely furious from that low blow--Damien never had time to react.
JL: And there's that look: that wide cold stare. He may take Damien straight to the grave yet.

Wasting precious little time, the darkling grabbed the writhing Damien and hooked him into a front-facelock. Then pulling Damien up by the waist he fell backwards off the steps to the hard floor, driving Damien's head into the concrete. A smack of skull against stone echoed through the immediate area, and the crowd's sympathy pains started again.

JR: And there it is! Face the Music, on the floor.

"One, two, three!"

JL: Aah!

Posted on Nov 22, 2009, 4:24 PM

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