Pop goes the Weasel :-S

by Smash (DWF Strikezone World Champion)

Smash then stalked the challenger to his title and booted him square in the ribs, smiling as he applied the chinlock, before picking him up and uppercutting him. He picks Omen up and Omen starts to punch him one in the ribs, followed by more punches, Omen looks to get back into the game, he boots Smash in the ribs, runs at the champion, but gets met with a vicious clothesline from Smash, knocking him down onto the cell's unforgiving steel roof! He then gets the ref to start the count, Omen gets up at two, knowing some clotheslines won't get him down, Smash charges at him, looking to boot him again, but Omen grabbed the leg just as Smash was about to play football with Omens ribs. Omen looked at Smash, started to jab the point of the elbow into the shin of Smash before executing a Dragon Sweep manouver. Smash now is down onto the canvas, Omen grabs the leg, starts to kick the calf area before swinging down and crashing the leg onto the steel. A carefully placed strategy on the part of Omen, who is looking to walk out with the Strikezone Championship belt, in what would be seen as one huge victory for him and one notch off the New Prophecy.

Omen now continues to attack the left leg of Smash and then twists round into a leg lock type manouver, not looking to make Smash submit, but to wear him down, a very methodical strategy done here as he then swung round again before leaping into the air and driving his knee down onto the left leg of Smash. Omen now goes over and leg drops the left leg. Before walking towards his head, he salutes the crowd and punts Smash in the ribs. The ref starts to count, Smash tried to get back up but was kneed in the head, his face crashing onto the roof. The ref restarts the count. 1....2.....3.....4.....5 Smash hobbles up at five, where he is met by a nasty chop block on the leg. He is determined not to show too many signs of weakness as he tries again to get back to his feet, but Omen again chop blocks the leg.

He now gets Smash in the waist lock before lifting him up and driving Smash's leg down onto Omens knee, yet again attacking the leg area of the current Strikezone World Champion. Omen grabs the ankle and again crashes down, twisting the leg with him, looking to end Smash's career, more than anything. Omen tries another snapmere on the leg, but Smash pushed him off with the right leg, he goes onto his feet, Omen charges at him, but Smash goes really low and with a closed fist, punches Omen with 600lbs of force into a very sensitive area! (Note: He has had a boxing background, used a few times back in the JCW days.) Really desperate, but at the same time, looking to create an opening. Any normal man would be dead, but Omen is more than any normal person, but it would still hurt a lot and Smash now has an area to attack, if only he were able to pull himself up after Omen attacked the left leg an awful lot!

Posted on Jan 1, 2010, 3:41 PM

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