In dee grave, juss dee same as dem old fuds shoul go en be.

by Amos Moses

Amos he go en kick away dee shambles of dee table, pushin him self up usin dee snake lady to his aid. Viper she go on doin dee same, clearen dee table carnage from round she body. Pushen an pullen gainst ol'Amos as he did her, dee two usin the udder to help dey'selves up. On dey knees each caught full eye of dee opponette, Viper reeling back en letting fly with a stiff right. Amos had charged up a right fist of hee own, neither got en arm up to block dee other, dee punches flying in wit out hinderance. Viper cold clocking Amos, Cajun Fire hammering La Sambra Queen. Shela blasted back arms hooked, holden her body up gainst dee crowd blocken steel. Amos body resten limp elbos holden mighty form up gainst dee ring apron. Each go on breathen mighty hard, fighten to shake dem cobwebs en fuzziness oh dey minds away.

Mental capabilities comen on clearer en clearer dur eye's locked wit one an udder, each suddenly minded why dey were, where dey were. Experiance flashin over Viper's eye's, ambition blinden dose of dee new comer. Dee pair both push off dey resten posts, chargen at dee udder, Viper finden herself a step up in dee mangle of busted table. Shela take to dee air fore Amos could react, head cutting, hurricarana, twisten en tien dee Cajun up like a pretzel fore imploding heem into dee floor. Rollin cross dee padden head cracken into dee hard ring post, Viper recoveren, and maken eet to her feet. She could only go en smile at dee so dasterdly exsposed midsection of Amos, runnen in wit baseball slide kick. Dee staggerin blow to beer belly senden Amos fetal in an instance. Der ain't be no rest for dee wicked, Viper helpen Amos to he knees, den blasten heem wit face blisteren slap. Amos claspin red cheek tumblen back to dee padden.

Viper still een no mood to provide quarter heaven dee big fellar up en to his feet, den by dee wrist senden him sailen cross dee ring side. Leading Amos spine fist ento dee fan barrier, dee Cajun fallen limp, as dee snake goddess turned thought back en too dee ladder. Dee bow had been lost een all dee earlier chaos, she quickly go en put eet back on, on dee tipy tip top step. Like batteren ram Viper charged een at her lifeless victom, dee bow crested top slammin ento skull. Cajun head mashed like taters tween ladder an cold steel, red from blood and bow fillen dee eyes of so many. With ladder off to dee side an out dee way Viper yet gain helped Amos to hee feet, proping him up gainst the fan-cade. Knife edge chop staplen heem in place, en a few more for good measure. Asured Amos wouldn't be headen no wheres, or fallen back down Viper grabbed holed of dee ladder once more. Standin eet up front of Amos near dead form, forcen dee man to unknowingly hold up, dee on comen doom. Viper goen back near dee scene of table carnage sorten out one dem tinsil laiden folden chairs, at full speed she was off to dee races.

Like Battered Bitch she was a thousand dollar shoe in, dumpen out more speed den most had ever gone en seen. Closen in on Amos an dee ladder leanen up gainst dee man Viper took to dee air. Dee closed up chair finden way under feet, tween dee missile Viper had just become and dee ladder. Every bit of pain en sufferen she could unleash in dee missile drop kick delivered bulls eye, en on target like no ones gat damn mudder fucken bidness. Amos an dee ladder see-sawed over dee steel wall into dee crowds of DWF fans sitten up close en personal. Amos burried somewhere still under dee ladder, and a mangled mess of dem still chairs. Coats and jackets clouden up dee view of dee carnage even juss a little more, Viper surveyen dee wreckage taken a few slow steps away. Catchen up on her breathen as she planned en plotted, a mighty grip of feet from dee barricade she turn back. Runnen like scalded pup once more springen up onto dee flat top of the fan barrier, spinned round juss fore her body went into dee air. Dee snake sailen through air like a feather, moonsaulten down on dee wreckage dat had ol'Amos burried.

Dee fans right dur goen crazy at dee sight of all dat happenen right fore dem, dee rest the arena joenen in at the obsurdity of Viper's dominance, even as dey Queen roll away grippen at midsection in pain, en agony. On knees an one hand, dee udder hand held tight to Shela's ribs as she go en force herself to stand. Breaden in agony as she hugged tight on she self, doin all she could to force dee pain out of thought en mind. Still achen she xamined the scene spotten a free chair she pulled eet in wit both hands, den took eet high above head. Slammen eet down endlessly, wit out mercy, devistating ery inch of dee pile burring Amos with brutal chair shot after, blasten chair shot, after nuclear sploden chair shot, after a nudder en a nudder.

Posted on Jan 10, 2010, 2:52 PM

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