There can be only one!

by The Alpha Dog


The lines have been drawn. Combatants from each corner of the DWF Universe have joined to answer the call of naming the Number 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. A champion in need of a challenger and these warriors will fight to the finish to bring forth such a challenge. One of these is none other than the Alpha Dog himself, Conner Hawk, the Warchief.

His rise to fame was nearly dwarfed by his fall from grace.

On the bench in the locker room he looked at the pictures pasted up on his locker door. After his last few showings he knew he was in for a huge brutal war with all involved. Friend and foe the lines for that had been blurred beyond comprehension, but to him that was always the way of business. Close bonds needed to be severed to insure victory and so far only one on that list could be considered friend.

He looked to the camera and glared. That old fire that burned so brightly could be seen again. That Wyld spark was given new life.

" Some of these guys I haven't had the pleasure of meeting in the squared circle and tonight I'm going to be throwing down the way I always do. Thats knock down drag em along pedal to the medal high octane baby. I can talk shit aout every single one of these guys but who would I be if i didn't?"

" First we got this guy calling himself the Ripper. Thats okay cause that what his mom called me when I tapped her ass. Wow that was rude of me man I'll apologise first thing when I get to the ring. See I got a bit of a beef with all these factions and another new one springs up claiming to grab all the gold. Well between us Rippy ol boy I think you and that toothy grin will look good after I knock your fangs down your throat.

" And then onto Mister Van Helsing, or is it Van Wilder? Either way dude I still don't know who you are. I mean even with a belt or belts, and you come in here acting like... well, me!" He shrugged. " That made my choice there fella. Nope, I don't like you. So moving right along..."

" We got Jason, the little brother that is screaming to be let out of the closet and take your rightful, oh I know, what everyone else is doing." He shrugged. " You bring up yer bro like your all about to step up and also remember son, you never bested me either. What makes tonight any different?"

" And of course we get to Wildcard! Dude?" He shrugs and laughs. " There is a plethora of crap for me to be talking here, like honestly, really?" Shaking his head smiling.

" Well surprise last minute entries or not I'm going out there to do what it is I do best and thats take each of these boots and kick each and everyone of your asses so hard your grandkids will have shit for breathe just like ma, pa, grammy, and grandpappy. After these last few set backs, I'm going to make damn sure everyone one of you hurts more than I do, physically, metally, whatever it takes.

" The Alpha Dog is hungry and theres gonna be alot of bones being thrown into that ring, and I can hear the drums calling for war."

Posted on Feb 18, 2010, 8:48 PM

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