Or how about I throw you both on the grill (MMM... MAJOR BEEFY!)

by Kane2000 (DWF Undisputed & cWe/DDE W.H.C)

Gabriel was then trying to struggle free as Viper leapt over and hit the leg drop on him, she then went for the cover and Kane2000 pushed her off, to make sure that he didn't lose the title! He then pulled off the table and the wheel.

"No-one is going to win the belts via. the help of a wrestler trapped under any object!" Kane proclaimed, as he hit another leg drop before making the cover, Viper dropkicked him in the upper back area to break it up as all three of them have already made a statement earlier on in this contest! Viper now grabs the triple crown World Heavyweight Champion by the head and booted him in the ribs before getting into a front headlock, grabbed his right arm, swung one way and then executed a swinging neckbreaker onto the floor. Goes for the cover: 1....2... kickout by the "New Age Renegade/Demon in Red" as Viper looked at the ref in disgust, however the cadence in the count was pitch perfect! She now sat Kane2000 up and then chopped him in the chest and back before running to the craps table, sprints back towards the seated Kane2K and leapt off, hitting a Shining Wizard, Gabriel starts to get to his feet as she made the cover, he leapt off and broke up the count! He now pulls himself up from the referee and then chops Viper, who in turn chops back, they then engage in a massive chop battle, with the crowd watching from the tron inside the arena going "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" at every chop made.

Viper goes for a clothesline, but Gabriel ducks and then clotheslines her down to the floor, she gets back up, only to be clotheslined again, Gabriel now grabs her head and takes her down with a side toss, before applying the headlock! Viper counters into a pin, but Gabriel kicks out and continues the headlock, the former Undisputed DWF World Champion now starts to punch at the side of Gabriel's body, but Gabriel nails her with an elbow to the back of the head before going for the cover: a kickout after the count of two by Viper, who was starting to feel the cobwebs, Gabriel now grabs her, boots her in the ribs, lifts her up and looks to get a suplex, but Kane2000 catches her and they hit a powerbomb, suplex combination move! Sands goes for the cover, Kane2000 pushes him off, he goes for the cover now, Sands pushes him off! The two now look at each other and start to stare each other down before Kane2000 gets punched in the jaw, the champ replies with an uppercut, Sands replies with another punch, another uppercut by the champion, they both now go full pelt with punches before Kane2000 grabs Gabriels arm, twists it and then hoists him up before throwing him down and applying the armbar! Gabriel quickly reversed into a pinning situation, only for Kane2000 to kick out and relinquish the hold!

Sands now steps up, only for Kane2000 to boot him down quickly, goes for the cover and a kickout by one of the two challengers to Kane2000's two challengers. The cWe, DDE and Undisputed DWF World Heavyweight Champion now picks up Gabriel, hits a couple of chops, punches and kicks before grabbing him, hoisting him into the air, holding him there for about 20 seconds, then drops him down with a huge suplex! 1.....2..... shoulder up, Kane2000 can't believe this as he then picks Gabriel up, looking for the next big move. He looks for a clothesline of his own, but Sands ducks, and punches the arm. Kane2000 shrugged it off and tried again, but again Sands ducks, lifts him off his feet and hits a huge back suplex! Kane2000 holds his lower back as Sands picks him up and hits it again before dragging the champion over and then stepping onto the monster truck, before launching himself off and hitting a leg drop, goes for the cover, 1....2.... shoulder up, we were so close to crowning a new holder of the three world titles!

Posted on Feb 25, 2010, 8:59 AM

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