Indeed...and i'm moving on up

by 'The Dark Prince of Perfection' Mr. Van Halen


Gideon gets up slowly to his feet as the mass of bodies are also trying to get to their feet. He limps over to Conner and begins to beat weakly at his face, however Jason and WildCard get up and grab both of his arms before performing a double irish whip to send Gideon over the top rope, finally eliminating him. They celebrate and straight away look at Van Halen who they pick up and again double irish whip him into the ropes, however he bounces off and take both men down with a crunching double spear. Van Halen immediatly suplexes Conner who has just got up and turns around, and gets nailed with a superkick from Ripper who begins to taunt Van Halen. Ripper climbs the turnbuckle and hits Van Halen with a frog splash, but then gets picked up and powerbombed on top of Van Halen by Conner.

Jason and WildCard get to their feet tentatively as Conner is shouting 'thats how its done!!!' at the two competitors on the mat. He is baraged by rights and left from Jason and WildCard, before being laid out with a low blow and clothesline combination. Jason thinks he can get a quick elimination on his partner and he fires WildCard into the ropes, but WildCard thinking on his feet ducks Jason's attempted clothesline over the ropes and hits him with an atomic drop. Ripper and Van Halen have got to their feet and they start trading blows before WildCard runs towards both of them attempting a hesitation dropkick. Ripper and Van Halen temporarily break and grab WildCard by the arms and legs, before walking over to one of the corners, where they slam WildCard into the turnbuckle.

Van Halen immediately takes Ripper down with a DDT but Conner takes him down to the mat again, with a cutter. Conner spots Jason getting to his feet and begins punching him, attempting to wear him down. Jason is groggy and Conner takes advantage of this to drag him by the hair and smashing his head into the top of one of the turnbuckles, and Jason begins to bleed from the head.

Posted on Mar 6, 2010, 3:10 AM

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