What I am suppose to do? Call 911 or be the lookout?

by Kveldulf

Kveldulf slowly gets to his feet, glancing into the ring as Van Halen grabs Undead Enigma by the hair. However UE elbows his opponent in the gut and whips him into an empty corner and begins to assault Mr. Van Halen with punches and kicks. Turning his attention back to the outside, the Reaver sees Synn getting to her feet and heading to a corner now that the match is underway. Kveldulf doesn't know all the details of the history for this match, but so far all he can tell is UE has Kane2000's family and converted them to cultists. He doubts it's an illusion and once converted to the Unholy Trinity; the Reaver doubts that family can be saved. And if they can, the family members will certainly be scarred emotionally and physically. Of course now that they have vanished, only UE would know where they are now.

Helping DC up to her feet, he knows that she'll be stubborn enough to finish this match. Even though she didn't take part in it, the accusation of being guilty would leave her steaming and wanting to beat the hell out of those who accused her. As they head to the last empty corner, Kveldulf sees that Jason hasn't left ringside. He may have to be dealt with at some point. The Reaver will have to decide if he needs to be neutralized before he has the chance to interfere.

Undead Enigma whips Mr. Van Halen across the ring into the ropes and sends him to the mat on the return with a judo hip toss. Walking over UE tags the Reaver in and returns to his corner. Stepping through the ropes, Kveldulf walks over and grabs Mr. Van Halen from behind and drops him back to the mat with a Russian leg sweep. Keeping up the attack with a couple kicks, the Reaver forcefully helps Van Halen to his feet and pulls him over to DC. Tagging her in, Kveldulf stretches the arm up while she delivers a solid kick to the ribs.

Grabbing his wrist, DC whips Mr. Van Halen over to Undead Enigma's corner where Synn tags herself him with a slap to the back, entering the ring. Taking a more defensive approach, she circles DC looking for an opening or mistake.

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Posted on Jan 30, 2011, 8:37 AM

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