Beginning Of The End

by ???????????????????



The stage is blanketed in a thick, low-rolling fog, spilling down the ramp. A cold blue light slowly illuminates just the center of the stage now. The fans in the arena are screaming in excitement. They begin numerous differing chants, threatening to bring the arena to the ground. A tall, dark figure stands in the light as the tron lights up with one word:


As the word clears the tron, and "Meddler" by August Burns Red rips into the PA, the figure lifts it's head. Dressed in a plain white t-shirt, boot cut jeans and a pair of black sunglasses, the figure steps forward now towards the top of the ramp!

J.R: My god King! Can it be?

King: Oh here we go again...

Cole: What the hell is he doing here?! No one likes him!

J.R. / King: SHUT UP!

There, slowly striding down the ramp, as the lights began to sway and change to red, blue and green...

Was the King.

J.R: IT IS!!

As if a ghost has risen from the depths of Hell itself, the fans stared in disbelief as the King stared at the ring intently, carrying a small duffel at his side. Emotionless, the man who had been missing for years reached ringside and threw the bag over the topes, heading for the stairs. Stopping at the bottom, he removed his glasses and hung them from his shirt, glancing around the arena for a moment, taking in the cheers.

Stepping into the ring, Gojinn now found himself standing at the center in dim light. The house lights slowly returned, as the music faded. The fans erupted and broke the ever increasing momentary silence, screaming chants of "Go-jinn! Go-jinn! Go-jinn!". Still keeping a straight face, the King looked around for a few moments, taking his time to make his move. After what seemed like eons to fans, Gojinn reached into his duffel, kicking it aside once he'd produced the contents: a crown.

He held it at his side, and stared down. The fans waited with anticipation, wondering what to expect next. Few saw what was slowly decending from the arena rafters, but all were completely aware once his Throne settled down right at the center of the ring behind him. Still emotionless, still unmoving, Gojinn simply stood there, looking to the fans in attendance.

Cole: Oh for God's sake! Everyone is sick of you! GO AWAY!

King: SLAP

J.R: How did anyone hire you?

And then Gojinn raised the crown. The fans became louder and louder, as he placed it upon his own bowed head. It rested comfortably there, until the King sat back, placing his arms on the oversized rests at either side. He crossed his right leg over his left, and leaned back. His voice suddenly became audible over the PA, though no mic was near him...

I'm back.


And just like that, it was all gone. The lights blacked out, only to return seconds later to an empty ring leaving everyone with one thought:

What next?..........

J.R: Where the hell...?

Cole: Good!

King: Ugh...

Fans: Go-jinn! Go-jinn! Go-jinn! Go-jinn!

Posted on Mar 7, 2011, 11:21 PM

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