End of The Holy War (My invited friend only)

by The Lord of All Shadow

"What new hellspawn now dares to challenge me?"

The shocked holy man yelled out in defiance.

The black gloved fist that encased part of the blade of Judgment. With a firm pull, it wrenched the sword free and threw it. The blade embedded itself into the base of the crucifix just below the feet of the still robed figure nailed into place. The arm drew back into the shimmering portal.

The portal began to grow until it was about ten feet tall and five wide and slowly, a hulking form could just barely be seen. The figure stepped out of the portal and immediately, the crowd went ballistic.

Eight feet tall, black shoulderlength hair and black eyes. A black leather trenchcoat, black pants, black boots and one black leather glove over his right hand.

Nexus was back.

The Eight-Foot Phenom locked eyes with The Weapon of God and a broad smile spread across his face. Carson was enraged and charged at Nexus, but Nexus stood his ground and used his larger mass to smash Carson backwards. The holy man rolled down the small hill.


The Shadowlord's smile was still painted across his face. Obviously, he was enjoying the crowd's reaction to his return.

"I'll have more to say, but first I need to take care of a couple things."

Nexus turned to the crucifix and withdrew Judgment from it. With a quick motion, he flung the blade down the hill at Carson. It pierced the sleeve of one arm, just barely missing the wrist. Nexus jumped down and brought one of his massive boots down onto Carson's hand. The bones, all but crushed, made a sickening sound. The Weapon of God roared out in pain and struggled to free himself.

The whole while, Nexus' laughter rang out loudly.

After walking back up the hill, Nexus pulled the iron spikes from the figure and eased him down. The big man turned to the still hooded figure and nodded with a smile.

"My friend gives me a perfect idea. Brother James Edward Carson, it seems you have raised the ire of an old friend to the both of us. What say she comes out here and takes it out on you?"

The crowed went nuts again as they knew exactly who The Shadowlord meant.

"Viper, will you not come out and grace us with your presence?"

Posted on Mar 10, 2011, 11:51 AM

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