Good question amigo! Guess that the prices have gone up tenfold!

by Kane2000 (Unified Undisputed World Champion)

Gideon then seizes on the opening by grabbing the leg of Kane2000 and driving the elbow into the leg, before stomping away. He puts the leg down, stomps on it, runs to the ropes, rebounds back and leaps up, driving his knee into the leg of Kane2K. He now goes for the cover, Kane2000 forcing the shoulder up after one, before Gideon continues the assault on the leg. Clearly looking to weaken the champion with each blow, Kane2000 trying to wriggle free from the assault, but Gideon continued to work away on the leg. Kane2000 did get to the ropes after Gideon attempted a Brazilian Heel Hook. The ref started to count, but Gideon let go after three, walking away. Kane2000 tried to pull himself back up onto his feet, but Gideon picked up the leg, pulled Kane2000 towards the center and performed the Dragon Screw leg snap, again working the same leg. Clearly Gideon's gameplan to try and walk away with the championship belts is to work on the leg, chop the big man down to size and ground him. Gideon now drops the elbow into the sternum. Going for the cover, 1.....2.... shoulder up by the cWe, DDE and Undisputed DWF World Heavyweight Champion. Kane2000, although 100% focused on the task at hand, needs to get himself back into the game sharpish.

Gideon now stands Kane2000 up, lifts him up, drops his leg onto Gideon's knee, clearly this strategy is working slowly, Kane2000 is not liking this so far, now Gideon picks up the leg and leaps, driving the elbow into it and the fact that the leg crashed on the canvas did not help much either! Gideon now grabs the leg and turns the champion round for the single leg Boston Crab. The fans are loving the beginning of this match, Gideon's army are hoping for "The Dark Saviour" to cause a big shock and walk out as the Unified Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, but Kane2000's army of fans, "The Demons" want their man to continue his dominant reign as champion. Each and every fan is on their feet, loving the match they are seeing.

CB: Clearly Mike, you think Kane2000's head's not in this one, given everything that has happened in his private life!
MT: Ahh, but Chris, you should know by now, Kane2000 can switch his focus and like a lightbulb, is always on!
CB: Worst..... comparison..... EVER!!!!

Gideon continued to crank the pressure on the leg, Kane2000 trying to drag his way across towards the ropes, he clearly is not wanting to tap out and would rather pass out! But he would also rather win than lose, as it's his titles that are up for grabs. He's slowly dragging his way towards the ropes, Gideon still got the grip on tight, trying to hyper-extend the leg! But Kane2000 is mere inches away, can..... he..... do..... it????? Just about, he grabs onto the bottom rope, the referee starts to count, Gideon won't release the hold, he instead, pulls Kane2000 back towards the middle of the ring. Re-working the Single Leg. The ref who initially counted Gideon shrugged his shoulders and then asked Kane2000 if he wanted to give up, Kane then decided to try and wriggle free, he manages to swerve round, his free leg is now kicking away at Gideon's head, before pulling him in and throwing him over with a Monkey Toss. Clearly the most unique way to reverse out of the Boston Crab, however, Gideon's 200+ pound frame was pressed against the leg and regardless of weight, can put a lot of pressure.

Gideon now starts to try and pull himself together after that major flip over. Kane2000 is still down, clearly feeling the effects of the damage to the leg. Gideon then gets to his feet, Kane2000 sits up, mustering every ounce of his being, Gideon then walked right into a choke grip, Kane2000 has him up, chokeslam! But the leg started to give way after the chokeslam and Kane is now leaning against the ropes, he drops down and goes for the pin. 1.....2..... Gideon with the awareness puts his foot on the bottom rope. Kane now goes and pulls himself up, before getting to his feet, Gideon turns round and looks to press himself up, as he is doing this, Kane2000 steps over the top rope and stands on the apron, staring down Gideon, egging him on to get up, Gideon is to his feet, Kane2000 launches himself into a Springboard off the ropes and a flying forearm connects to the face of Gideon, Kane2000 rolls up and starts to try and stretch off the leg, fighting through the pain with the surge of adrenalin, clothesline on Gideon, Kane2000 then runs to the ropes, Gideon connects with the right, lefts and rights and lefts, Gideon now runs to the ropes, Kane2000 with a dropkick, connecting sweetly.

He then picks Gideon up, hoists him over his head, before dropping him down for the spinebuster. Rolls him over for the cover! Kickout after one!

Posted on Mar 15, 2011, 8:58 AM

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