Ah so you admit it!! Just don't let kade hear you. lol

by Gideon

Gideon looked at the two as the fans were going wild. he then put the mic back to his lips.

"It seems that we invented a new match here, but don't celebrate so soon there is one last stipulation and with that The match will have it's name."

The fans began cheering louder as they got up off their seats and waited in anticipation.

"The last stipulation will be that the graves will be set on fire so it will be how the hawaiians like to roast their pigs by diging a hole setting it on fire and burying the pig in it to roast it, which i think is the perfect fate for two outstanding gentlemen like yourselves. The match will be known as the Hell's gate match."

The fans roared with more cheers and applause as they negan to chant Gideon's name.

Posted on Mar 18, 2011, 2:23 PM

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