Cause we need that money money yeah yeah that money money yeah yeah. lol

by Gideon

Gideon kept tryng over and over again to pin hm but Kane was just as resilient as he was and kept kicking out. One way or another, Gideon was determined to win this and become the new champ. Gideon climbed the turnbuckle and went with a corkscrew shooting star press but Kane rolled out of the way, causing Gideon to crash to the mat. Kane slowly got back up to his feet as he saw Gideon laying there. Kane started systematically stomping Gideon on his arms then his legs and finally his neck, trying to do what ever he could to make sure that Gideon stayed down.

Kane the came down on Gideon with another leg drop He began to pull Gideon up as he set Gideon up for a jack knife power bomb and sent Gideon crashing down to the mat. If anything could take him out, this was it. or so he thought as he pinned the Dark Saviour. unfortunately Gideon's foot was under the rope and the ref stopped the count. The Ghostwalker got out of this one by pure luck this time. Kane began pacing around in the ring, frustrated and trying to figure out how he could put Gideon down, but while he did that, Gideon began to stir as he slowly got back up to his feet.

Gideon was still feeling dazed, and before he could do anyting, Kane noticed him and took him down with a clothesline, but that didn't keep the holy Warrior down as he got back up, prompting the big man to take him back down again with a big boot to the face. Kane thought he had him this time till Gideon got back up again. Kane went for another clothesline, but this time Gideon ducked and bounced off the ropes hitting Kane2000 with an elbow smash to the face, breaking his nose. The Hoy Warrior then followed up with an inzigury that had the big man rocking.

The Ghostwalker then finished off with a spinning heel kick knocking the big man down Gideon knew that the way he would win this would be by submission and he had just the finsher to end this match, but for now he would continue softening him up more as he started stomping on Kane2000's bad leg, causing him to scream out with each stomp tha was being delivered. Gideon then followed up with a leg drop to the injured leg, and finally, for good measure.

He hit an elbow drop from the turnbuckle. The Ghostwalker knew he was close to winning this and becoming the new champ. He could feel it. It was time he thought to himself as he put Kane in his fnishing move the Redeemer, but just as Kane2000 was about to tap out, Synn jumped in the ring and took Gideon out with a dropkick to the face. She then punted Kane2000 in the head. As the ref called for the bell.. While Gideon lie layed there motionless, she punted Gideon in the head as well.

Posted on Mar 20, 2011, 2:30 PM

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