Would that be before or after his demise? Wait, I don't want to know

by The Liston Edge Society


Suddenly Wednesday 13 growls on the PA as it shakes the arena with the Murderdolls "Chapel of Blood" Everyone turns to the entrance as three figures approach the ramp.

Lead by the Ripper, clad in tight blood stained brown leather trousers and a splattered white Victorian style shirt, the vampiric serial killer wore a thick wool long coat, and carried with him a silver wolves cane along with a black medicine bag. His head carried with it a gentleman's black stove pipe hat, along with his stained death mask tied around a mane of wild brown hair.

Albino Jed wore a servant's coat aligned with a red band and black liston blade insignia. His belt held a 45 caliber colt pistol and a confederate shined belt buckle. He remained two steps behind the Ripper at all times, clear that his wild days were indeed behind him, or at least had been beaten away at the moment.

Like his kin, Chainsaw Ed also walked two steps behind the Ripper. His servant's coat torn at the sleeves his emblem cloth similar to Jed was at his massive bicep. Bore by one massive hand Ed carried a massive logger's saw on his left, and placed it on his right shoulder. His face was hidden by a mask of his victims flesh, stitched by woven hair, staples, sinew, and human blood. Worn like a hood, the audience shrieked in terror upon the sight of such a mutilated accessory. The sound made the vampire smile as his tongue formed a hole in which to display itself.

The three claimed a corner among the creatures and stood there keeping watch of Undead Enigma and Kane 2000. Ripper opened his bag and produced two Liston knives in which Jed and Ed were handed. Using the blades The Society saluted their founder and secured the weapons inside their belts. The Ripper nodded turning his focus to the ring removing his coat, and then folding his arms to observe.

Posted on Apr 15, 2011, 6:41 PM

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