That's what toilets are for

by Gideon


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Gideon looked at Sands then at Gravedigger. He was about to answer Sands before Gravedigger arrived, but this just made things alot easier. He didn't make any defensive moves. he just stared down the two men before him. As he looked at Gravedigger memories of that fateful night his son died began to fill his head. His look remained serious. Eventhough there were times he liked to be witty and joke around, this wasn't one of them.. Gideon put the mic to his lips as the fans began to cheer, waiting for him to respond.

"First of all Sands don't ever question my faith again. Now to answer your question. You see Gravedigger here? He is the reason why I have started doing my own thing. As you can see he is an angel of heaven. So I couldn't smite him, eventhough he is to blame for my son's death and my grief. Another reason is because of his relation to my friend Wyld."

The crowds fell silent when they heard that Gravedigger was responsible for Caleb's death.

"And of course this brings me to Synn. I smited her and it turns out I only smited just her human host, making me a wanted man and bringing more problems to this company. Every damned slayer is after my head as if I were a monster to be slayed."

The fans remembered what happened with Synn. They still remained quiet.

"As for these monsters,, Not all are completely evil, and even they deserve a chance at redemption. At least the ones that were once human do. Just because they became monsters, doesn't mean they lost their chance. For alot of them, their transformation wasn't their choice."

The fans began cheering again as they applauded

" You wanna talk about monsters? You are just as much a monster as any of them. You stand for everything i'm against. You want to judge and condemn when that is not The Lord's way. The Lord has always been about love and tolerence. He gave us free will to choose our own path. You are just as much a threat to these humans as the monsters are."

The fans cheered even louder as they got up off their seats. Gideon then turned to Gravedigger.

"As for you, You know why I attacked you? After I sacrificed my life to save you, you stood there and watched as my son gave his life to save me. I healed you and protected you from preacher's inc when you were about to die and you just stood there as they decapatated me, forcing my son to give his own life so that I could live.

The fans fell silent at the reason Gideon gave.

Posted on Apr 16, 2011, 5:11 PM

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