Well I guess Gravedigger's head will have to do.

by Gideon


Gideon stood there and soon blasted Gravedigger and Gabriel Sands wih a douvle clothesline taking both men down. He started stomping on Gravedigger. Gideon then put Gravedigger intheredeemer vausing himto tap out this time but Sands took him back diwn with a clothesline of his own. But that didn't stop Gideon. he had gotten back up and hit Sands with an inzigury. The Dark Savior then waited as Gravedigger got back up and went for a big boot but the angel ducked out of the way and took Gideon down with a spear but was ddted as he took Gideon down. Sands then got up and grabbed both Gideon and Gravedigger by the throat to deliver a double chokeslam but was kicked in the gut by both men simultaniously. Gideon pivked the mic back up and put it to his lips..

"Gravedigger you tal about the path I chose. The path I chose was to make sure no one was ever used as pawns again. The path I chose was what I was created for To be the protector of the people in this earth. The path i chose was ne that had nothng to do with heavenly politics. These people need a protector. You see Gravedigger, Sands. I was chosen bevause The lord above needed someone who could connect with these humans on a personal level unlike you Gravedigger who knows or you Sands. Both of you have forgoteen what it's like to be human. Are you actually that naive to think he didn't know what was gonna happen or didn't know what he was doing? The 2 of you are here fighting me and each other when the real threat is out there."

Posted on Apr 20, 2011, 10:48 AM

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