Hey, you can't have three goes in one! Left knee in jaw, right foot punts lower region!

by Kane2000 (Undisputed Unified World Champion)

He then sees that UE is still down, steps over the top rope onto the apron, before grabbing UE by the hair, runs and smashes his face against the turnbuckle, Kane2000 now looks towards the sky, before stepping onto the top turnbuckle, dragging UE up with him before hoisting him on his shoulders, then lifts him over his head, Kane2000 then leaps off the turnbuckle, but throws UE and he lands, sternum first on the top turnbuckle! Kane2000 is still levitating in the air, but then drives down and does a version of the Double Foot Stomp, adding more pressure onto the sternum, the fans begin to chant "HOLY SHIT!" as UE is holding his sternum, feeling pain like he's never experienced before, Kane then tosses him over the ropes, so the lumberjacks, minus Synn, can all have a piece. Meanwhile, he's staring down Ripper and the Liston Edge Society. He stares them down and says, "Try that bullshit again and you'll be next!" The L.E.S. then join in with the beatdown of UE before throwing him back into the ring, where Kane2000 is waiting, runs and punts the side of UE with force, before locking in a half Boston Crab.

UE reverses out quickly, to try and get some form of authority, but as he tries to get up, Kane2000 with a baseball slide dropkick to the temple. He goes for the cover, the fans begin to chant "1......2.......3" and continue counting as John McCarthy is trying to get to his senses. Another ref charges into the ring and slides across for the cover: 1......2......THREEEEENO! John McCarthy prevents the three count, grabbing his refs vest, saying "I'm in charge here!" Kane2000 now looks a little perplexed, knowing that he had the match won, but if not for the interference from John McCarthy, stating that if a three count was made, he would be the one doing it. Kane2000 then got in John McCarthy's face, "What the fuck was that?" Kane2000 was not happy with him "I couldn't care less about who's refereeing this, you need to get your head checked!"

UE now goes for a roll up, McCarthy counts 1.....2..... kickout by Kane2000, the opportunity from UE to try and take advantage of this situation did not work. Kane2000 now goes charging in, UE picks up the big guy and takes him down with a huge spinebuster. "Make the count, you fucking useless peon!" UE bellowed to John McCarthy, 1....2..... kickout again! McCarthy clearly told UE that it was only two, UE mentioned something to him about counting properly! He now grabs the champion by the hair, looks for another power move, lifts him up, drops him down with a vertical suplex. Instantly goes for the cover: 1....2..... shoulder up! Then UE decides to throw out the champion and now, we see lumber-creatures attacking Kane2000, minus Gideon, Van Halen, Smash and Jason. Kane2000 tries to fight back, but instantly is out-numbered, he gets thrown back in the ring and UE picks up Kane2000, charges at the turnbuckle, a couple of digs in the mid section with his shoulder before stepping back, charges at Kane2000, huge boot to the jaw, the champion feeling groggy, UE charges again and clotheslines him, Kane2000 still keeping on his feet, refusing to go down, despite his whereabouts not being clear yet, but UE runs to the ropes, does something unusual and leaps off his feet, flying shoulder tackle sends the giant triple World Heavyweight Champion crashing to the ground, the fans applaud this, clearly showing some form of respect towards the challenger as he goes for another cover:



Kane2000 with the instinct to put his foot on the bottom rope, UE not happy with this as he picks up Kane, looking to go straight back on the offensive, but Kane2000 with some quick lefts, the champion goes off the ropes, gets dropped to the mat with a huge discus elbow shot to the jaw by UE, pulling a lot of moves out of the back, before leaping off the ground and delivering a huge leg drop. Hooks the leg: There's one..... There's two..... NO!!! The champion still has life left in him, clearly does not want to lose his titles, you'll have to nearly kill him to take those belts away!

Again, the challenger throws the champion to the outside, lumber creatures are again attacking him, Synn now runs, leaps off the ring steps and clotheslines him off, Gideon now attacks Synn, clearly there's something going on here as the lumber creatures are brawling alongside each other, we see UE now grabbing Kane2000 by the hair, smashes him against the ring apron before throwing him back in the ring! Slides under and rolls Kane2000 across, looking for another pin! 1.....2...... shoulder up again! The efforts made by UE to put him away are great, but the efforts of the champion to stay in this match are even greater!

Surely we know that Undead Enigma has something up his sleeve, but what can he pull off to try and take away the cWe, DDE and Undisputed DWF World Heavyweight Championship belts from the "Demon in Red"? Then we see a shock, Steve Jones comes down to the ringside area, a former ally of Kane2000, the 2010 World Cup Winner is part of the match as each lumber creature is separated by officials and security, who warned them about future suspensions and fines if they attack each other again! UE now picks up the champion and drops him down with a huge back suplex, he then throws Kane2000 into the turnbuckle, before clotheslining him again, Kane2000 groggily walks towards the center, where UE picks him up and drops him down with a side slam!

Posted on Apr 21, 2011, 12:38 PM

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