Forget this, Breaks off spinner arrow and stabs in Kane's neck

by Undead Enigma

McCarthy is busy, Kane is down for the moment. The Necromancer can taste his own blood from that sternum shot. Now he recalled why he wanted this brute in with him. Pure violent reaction, directing such force would have been uncanny. Enigma's thoughts persist as he's placing the Claw of Enigma on Kane's temple squeezing him with all of his own force. Directing a telekinetic pulse to his palm Kane head snaps back and bashes across the mat creating an instant whip lash effect. Enigma changes stance, as the force of the blow tells Kane he has to rise. The creature directs his attack to the head and throat, as the Jut Kun Do mastery of Chinese boxing begins to knock the champion into a Saint Vitus' dance. Snap kicks impact Kane's ribs and the wind is forced from him, The demon in red goes to stop the action with a swing but is met with a Judo throw which sides him against the second rope. His neck hanging clear against the ropes Enigma grabs the bottom rope and wraps it around Kane's throat instant cut off the the flow of blood, as the Lumber creatures swarm around to either help or hurt. John McCarthy turns and is appalled by the mayhem that just occurred behind his back. Kane is choking to death and there is a pile of wrestlers beating on each other trying to free him. His angry gaze turns to Enigma who wears his trade mark evil grin, but hasn't moved to prove he set up Kane this way.

As McCarthy joins the effort to untangle the ropes, Chainsaw Ed feels a tug on his most prized possession. The saw tugs at him and he lets go as the starter end of the saw flies into the exposed forehead of the champion. Blood pours from Kane's head as the laceration rips across his skull. McCarthy stands up.
"Who threw that?" again with his ineffective "HEY! HEY! HEY!"

Undead Enigma touched his hand to his wrist and rolled it moving in for more damage. Taking Kane's heel and locking into the knee the Necromancer tore at his ligaments performing a textbook Indian death lock on the champion. The second and third ropes gave Kane no air to scream. John McCarthy frothed at the mouth noticing the challenger was clearly snapping the rules and thus pissing on him.


The Enigmatic One rolled free of the hold and waited for McCarthy to return to the ropes and then went back on the attack, this time an ankle lock. "NO DAMN IT! NO! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!" UE dropped the leg unceremoniously, and released the extra tension his other hand gesture calmly had created to make the ropes ten times harder to break. McCarthy with the aid of Devilz Child, and Jason release Kane from the hold, as his body roars back sending the blood to saturate his exhausted blue face.

" Hey ref. Heh heh, He can bleed, you can't do anything about that. So don't even try."
Enigma's cadence as he calmly spoke to an already rattled McCarthy brought a chill down the guest official's spine.

Kane can't stop swallowing. The blood is pouring from his wound. Bubbles roll to the mat as he forces air through them, and then Enigma's martial foot paintbrushes him across his jaw. A well timed fist strikes the nape of Kane's neck and the Champion lies prone.
"Shall I begin?" The Necromancer taunts.

Enigma drives his shin into Kane's kidney and then double taps the same organ with a shinto strike. Kane heaves and a whisp of purpled blood splashes. The fiend stomps once before mounting the champion locking his pale strong fingers around Kane's throat and then into a chin lock before torturing him with a camel clutch. Ed at the loss of Betsy, retaliates buy gripping UE's heel and ripping the hold free. John McCarthy weighs his next call. And just shakes his head. The giant flesh skin masked freak attacked both of them now, with all of the shit going down McCarthy will just allow it.

A battered Synn worked a cheap shot into the pile of pro Kane creatures only to be pulled away by Albino Jed who then rolled her to the outside barrier inciting another creature riot. Ripper relished the chance to Blood choke Enigma's new lackey and directed that the rest of the L.E.S. defend his sides as he put the Succubus to sleep. Five seconds later the Ripper just dropped her as the Society stepped away from the unconscious demon.

Inside the ring, Undead Enigma noticed his mercenary down and no one around her. Looking back to Kane and then to McCarthy who just threw his shoulders into a "tough shit, I don't know what happened" shrug. Enigma goes to cover Kane who just sat up. The creature vaults in with a high boot which Kane rolls clear of the champion now on his feet. Kane moves locking Enigma into a half nelson and then rolls him over with an arm drag.
"Shall I begin?" Kane leans over his face a wash with his own blood and the color slowly returning to his face...

Posted on Apr 21, 2011, 3:28 PM

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