I fucken hate swirlies

by The Gravedigger


Sands just took in the words and with the time Gideon soke in he simply stood up and slammed both men down. Well after Gideon made that sudden GESK sound followed by the thud of the canvas. Sand's stood over both as he stomped Gideon out. When he turned his attention to GD he looked kinda stunned as if he was to do another spot but yet he rolled out under the bottom rope.

He walked to the ropes and looked down wondering why GD was holding is throat and looked around to officials and technical and still played his part and ignored him but kept his ears open. He stomped back on Gideon and looked back when he noticed Medics and Tech rushing up to him as he collapsed checking is vitals.

So in keeping with tradition he tried keeping everyones focus as he drove a knee into Gideon's skull. He bounced off with a leg drop to follow. And when he saw Gravedigger sprawled out he smiled sadistically and leapt over the top rope.

His leg sprang out as he came down but when he crashed through the medics and technicals he found only mat. His left part of arse was suddenly finding new sensations. His lower back felt like it went through a 24 hour shift and then some without the booze offset after that. No satisfaction from an honest attempt. It just plain fucken hurt.

No Gideon was getting to hid feet and saw GD stirring. With no reprisal the dark Savior went darker and just rushed over stomping away like a crack wore busting up a mark for some chance at the sweet bliss that could be the reward.

Posted on Apr 22, 2011, 2:04 AM

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