WHAT? I can't hear you over all of the flushing...

by Gabriel Sands


Gabriel Sands leaned over the ropes. The battle had digressed into some kind of nonsense. The braggart fallen angel fell into a heart attack, and the peoples ear and mouth to God is simply beating on him. This was the test? No, both of them failed today. The Lord was not with either one. Was or is? The answer did not seem to come. These two have given their wills to the talking apes. It was... unfortunate. Nothing further will be proven, or tested. Sands exited the ring and began walking up the ramp way.

Gravedigger was in no shape to notice the action but Gideon through his mad stomping surely did.

Sands wondered in Nexus had made good on his promise if the two of them would stand a chance with all of these questions. Would the evil standing before them create a strong enough resolve to rid the world of such a being? The answer did not come. Gabriel would have to find it elsewhere. There was a fight coming, and he would have to be stronger at Hell's gate than he has ever been before. There was much to do. For he would most likely have to put them all in the ground before the night was through.

" Pity."

Gabriel shook his head and walked up to the ramp way not looking back, exiting back stage.

Posted on Apr 22, 2011, 2:46 PM

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