Ok Achmed..... SILENCE.... I KEEL YOU!!!

by Kane2000 (Undisputed Unified World Champion)

CB: I think this could do it Tenay, Kane2000 doesn't look like he is moving at all!
MT: We could crown a new champion here tonight!

John McCarthy slaps his hands down and the fans chant together: 1..........2............ Then, as McCarthy's hand looks like going down for three, Kane2000's mind feels like slow motion, thinking about the things that Undead Enigma has done to him, thinking about his family, their whereabouts, whether they are safe or not and then back to the match, as McCarthy nearly reaches the mat for the third time, Kane2000 shot up a right arm, clearly not wanting to end this match! Can you believe it? The fans are going completely apeshit in the arena! Kane2000 has kicked out somehow from the Claw of Enigma, Kane2000's army of fans cheer in utter delight, the cult followers of Enigma stare in disbelief, even the lumber creatures are thinking how in the fuck he managed to do that! UE now questioning the cadence of the count from John McCarthy, but he clearly told UE that Kane2000's shoulder shot up at two! He now goes on the offensive, picks up the champion, starts to punch him and punch at him hard, clearly this might be it for our champion, he has had one hell of a reign up to this point and clearly, he has dished out and also taken a lot of punishment!

UE now picks Kane2000 up, runs to the ropes, grabs the head, Knee Smash, then charges back to the ropes, spear on the champion, sending him crashing down to the mat, now instantly goes for the cover: 1.....2..... NO!!!!! Again, the shoulder up, just how is the champion managing to stay alive, most likely instinct more than anything! But frustration must surely be setting in from Undead Enigma, the challenger for the cWe, DDE and Undisputed DWF Unified World Heavyweight Championships!

CB: Mike, both these men should deserve an award for this!
MT: UE has tried everything, but Kane2000 has stood through this storm so far, but can he keep this up?

Undead Enigma now grabs Kane2000 by the head and throws him to the turnbuckle, charges and clotheslines him hard, before seating him up on the top turnbuckle, Undead Enigma now taunts the crowd, "This is the end, you wretched peons will soon refer to me as your NEW WORLD CHAMPION!" he then smiled as he looks to super-plex the triple World Champion off the top turnbuckle and back into the ring, but Kane2000 blocks it, UE then tries again and Kane2000 again blocks it, a couple of shots to Kane2000's head, he tries one more time, but Kane2000 raked him in the eyes, before gingerly stepping onto the top turnbuckle, he then gave Enigma a couple of vicious knee strikes to the head and to the injured right shoulder before staring down at him and saying "Don't fucking count on taking my titles! Instead, I'm taking your manhood bitch!" he said before lifting him up into a powerbomb position and then leapt off the top turnbuckle, slightly tilted UE by twenty degrees and a huge Oblivion, deliberately set up, so the challenger landed head and shoulders first onto the mat! Kane2000 could not get up, due to the amount of punishment given to him by Undead Enigma throughout the match, John McCarthy then started to make the count, Jason then tries to will his brother on, as Kane slowly, but surely, crawls his way over towards the lifeless challenger, then with every ounce of strength, draped his right arm across the chest of Enigma. John McCarthy then starts to make the count: 1.......2....... Shoulder up! We now see that both men have kicked out of each others finishing moves! One unbelievable event, one unbelievable World Heavyweight Championship match! Every fan is on their feet for this one!

Kane2000 now crawls his way over, pulls himself onto the top rope, Undead Enigma does the same, both men then walk over and both take a swinging right, UE connects with the chin, Kane clocks UE in the face. They both then swing and the same result happens, then more punches thrown by both men, clearly they are willing to take this beyond overtime and keep the fans entertained! UE then charges at the ropes, Kane2000 with a dropkick, sending Undead Enigma to the turnbuckle, charges at him, Stinger Splash, but UE has caught the champion with a bearhug and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Runs at him, clothesline again, catches the champion off guard, before a knee into the mid section, followed by a DDT. Goes for the far leg: 1......2...... Kane2000 places his foot on the bottom rope!

Fans: HOLY SHIT!!!
More fan chants: DWF!! DWF!! DWF!!

MT: Chris, we have now entered the zone here, someone must pull off something special, a move magical in order to win the Unified Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship!
CB: Indeed Mike, I have to say, love them or hate them, you have to be proud of both of them, I am proud to call this match with you Professor!

Undead Enigma now places Kane2000 onto the top rope, he then joins him as he looks for a top rope super-plex. But as the move was about to be in place, Kane2000 wriggles out, he then grabs the injured arm, leaps off the top rope, both men crash to the mat, but Kane keeps a vice like grip, as he drove the shoulder into the mat, now hyper-extends it with the Fujiwara Armbar and has the move synced in tight! Dead center of the ring, Kane2000 with the look of anger on his face, bridging the move well, keeping it locked in, anger streaming down his face!

"EITHER TAP OUT OR I'LL RIP YOUR ARM OUT OF YOUR FUCKING SOCKET!" Kane2000 shouted as Undead Enigma tries to pull free, Big John McCarthy has the right positioning to check to see if UE wants to continue!

Posted on Apr 26, 2011, 9:19 AM

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