You speak of puppets? Time for you to meet the puppet master.

by Undead Enigma

The armbar at this point in the match was as deadly as a chair shot to the throat tossed by a bionic version of the Incredible Hulk. Enigma welt the worm feeling biting at his socket joint, the cartilage was tearing, exposing tiny rifts within his pale white skin that were the signs of clear damage. After all of the fighting done to him, he wasn't going to cower and give in. Those titles were an insult to him, A champion who sits around waiting for others to take them off of him, never making any good moves to save grace, just letting the cheap tin around his waist define what he is. This wasn't a warrior, there was no honor in him, there was just plain stupid luck and sloth behind his reign. He earned nothing. He was nothing. How could he be winning? The thought snapped Enigma back to the brink of the light and reality of pain set in.

"CRICK! POP!" Enigma's eyes rolled into the back of his head and McCarthy kept a good eye on the creatures expression. He was dead, showed nothing but the pain, yet his lips began to form words. John McCarthy knew what they were going to be but Enigma had to say it. The official placed his palm outward ad then barked once like a constipated bulldog.

With a wasted stare, Undead Enigma uttered,
" Refsnart Luos."

Then the creature's arm socket dislodged as Kane broke his shoulder with the Fujiwara armbar. Motion in and around the ring slowed as every one within the first row of the arena floor felt something travel through them. The necromancer had placed a desperate spell which in his battle he had forgotten one thing. A place for all of this soiled black magic to land. The creature's body had given out on him and the spell's final words were not spoken. An abomination of evil mirth was growing, stealing bits from all who stood conscious. Then once the green took the essence of what it was cast to seek, some deflected, by magic of their own, others had no soul to give, and yet others the magic stole as much as would be allowed within a thirty thousand capacity arena. Then the flow returned to the place in which it was spoken. But the breath was not taken by Enigma. Kane felt something enter him. Like a rotten egg swallowed black shell in all.
John McCarthy blinked twice as a small tingle of sweat as if time and space returned awakened him. Enigma's shoulder socket was torn from the armbar and the creature now was face down on the mat unresponsive. "That's IT! He's OUT! WINNER!" McCarthy pointed to Kane who dropped the fiend's broken limb to the mat and let the adrenaline snap clear of his body. His eyes clouded with clotting blood and tears, Kane tried to stand but could only manage one knee. Then three sticks appeared on the ramp way. Shaken to the point of a drunken stumble, Kane tugged at his eyes. A low skin of clotted blood flecked from them as he tore from the pain to look again.
A fast walk down the ramp way Kane's wife and kids moved to greet their father and husband. But it was Jason who met them first. Every bit as emotionally tied to this fiasco the feeling of "I just have to see them!" took over and the man ran to greet his sister in law and nephews. Jason gripped her and hugged her hard, her face was pale, gaunt as she began to quiver. Falling to nothing in the arms of safety. The children staggered from the grip and began to move to the ring, in which Gideon lifted one of them up to see their champion father. The other flew to the stairs tripped a bit, but didn't fall as they moved through the ropes.
Kane felt enough strength in his arms to motion for an embrace. His children ragged and bruised soiled with silt and dirt, tugged at the bloody sweaty man, rubbing on him giving the instant family renewal feeling. Jason let her go now, and the lady of Kane's life came to the the ring. She too had been battered and left as if she had been forced to wash the basement floor with her ratted hair and tongue. The sight of his family was too much. All his power left him and he rolled to his knees letting them wash over him.
McCarthy looked to bring the titles but decided that discretion was in order. The world knew that Kane2000 was still three time champion. This reunion was far more important. The creatures standing outside the ring didn't move, except for one. Devilz Child had her stake in this as well. In the beginning, she had taken them from him, in order to get him into a worthy state, then the still unconscious Enigma rolled them from under her, and she became the one to bring Kane back from the brink of madness. The demoness made her way to the gathering, and to her horror was met with shrieks of terror.
"You! You... how could you! BEGONE! AAAAAAAAAA NOOOO Not again! !
Kane's Wife flew into hysterics pointing at Devilz Child. Kane looked at DC who had her hands up in a confused backing away manner.
" What is wrong dear?"
The woman was inconsolable, mention something of her all along. Kane looked down and just signaled for DC to exit the ring. It had been a hell of a battle, emotions were tearing from every part of him. His family had time to sort out who did what, and then he would make every thing right again. Yet his children were shaking at the very sight of DC.
In an almost wavering voice Kane's head bowed to his family. "Let's just go home."

Ripper seized the unconscious Enigma by his arms and yanked him clear of the ring. " Catch me if you can."
The mad vampire whispered as the Liston Edge Society propped him up against the steel next to the still dozing Synn. "This Exhibition is not for their eyes. Ha ha,"
The lumber creatures were making their exit as the EMT's rolled to attend to business...

Posted on Apr 27, 2011, 3:03 PM

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