Eyeing the competition

by Kveldulf


Kveldulf still remains standing to the side, looking over who has signed up. His eyes come to rest on the Ripper and the Liston Edge Society. The Reaver has been keeping tabs on them. Well, more like their slight path of destruction and trail of blood that leads to them. And then they suddenly dropped off the radar, as if they disappeared and went into hiding. And with that the trail went cold.

Kveldulf then shifts his eyes to Gideon. A flawed man proclaiming to be a champion of good. One of the few potential allies in the DWF, though it would be a short lived alliance. There are certain things that the two would not see eye to eye on and that would lead to the downfall. The Reaver makes a mental note to talk to Gabriel Sands about these things, to see if he is aware of them as he would benefit from knowing.

Looking at the limp body of Jason, Kveldulf doesn't doubt that his heart is into what he wants. But will the forces of life let him have those? Will he rise above all the competition? Perhaps. Just as King Gojinn doesn't know the Reaver, it is the same for Kveldulf. That makes him a wild card in this competition. And as for UndeadEnigma. Kveldulf has tangled with him enough to know what he is capable of. And from that comes respect for him. He certainly is no ally to the Reaver, but they could certainly put a match on for everyone to enjoy.

Out here alone, now is not the time to start anything. Then the White King exits the ring, walking around and up the ramp. He has put his name into the running for the belt. If a sudden fight breaks out, he decides that he doesn't want to be part of it with his match later. Plus anyway, he has some other plans for this evening after the event.

Posted on Jun 5, 2011, 7:14 AM

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