You've all waited long enough...BOOM BABY!

by Viper


Suddenly the arena is plunged into darkness and Sceam Baby Scream begin to play, growing louder till it thundered throughout the arena sending the fans into an uproar of cheers as the torches set around the stage erupted into towering pillars of violent red and black flames!
The stage becomes illuminated in a cold blue light that shifted back and forth with the darkness whilst gusts of icy winds begin to blow all through the arena along electrifying the fans even more! From the stage, a dense white fog that slowly begins pumping out and swirling from the entrance, a spinning vortex of mist and fog shrouding the stage in an ethereal world of glistening white.

King: "Wohooooo Viper's coming out!!!"

Cole: "Great, she hates me"

King: "That's not true Cole. Everyone hates you"

The excited fans exploded with screams as the lasers began firing through the fog giving the appearance of a lightning storm and the lights are now a blood red hue. The red beams of light now ablaze with an unearthly glow, pierce the white opaque cloud and began forming into the shape of a gigantic coiled snake that opened it's mouth with it's 5 foot fangs bared and struck into the air and right through the stands causing the fans to scream in delight! The ecstatic fans watching on, jumped again as another monsterous explosion lit up the entire arena and wave after wave of thunderous explosions ripped and rocked the Dwf arena to it's very foundations!

Flames erupted along the stage and engulfed the entrance before spreading down the steel encased rampway like wildfire! Amidst the cheering and applause, a searchlight sliced through the fog and locked on a feral eyed Viper as she sauntered out onto the stage wearing a pair of black low-rise leather pants and a leather bra beneath a black mesh top. The vixen was electric as she caught the lights and flames surrounding her with her eyes and reflected them back at the crowds watching her! Taking a few steps in 4 inch black boots, the fans erupted again as the winds blowing throughout the arena rose over the brunette in a tornado effect as she extended her arms outward.

Viper was a striking vision with her long black hair sweeping around her head and shoulders while her feline stare pierced the darkness, burning like hot molten gold and taking a few steps, now stood at the edge of the ramp basking in the adultaton of the crowds!

Leveling her head, the raven haired hellraiser broke into an arrogant smile at the fans for another moment before she began strutting down the ramp with an equally cocky swag that brought on even more cheers! The brunette's lips curled back into a demonic smile as she passed through the firestorm of dancing flames that had formed on both sides of her like a tunnel, her gaze leveled on ring. Climbing onto the apron, the brunette leaned way over the ropes and wiggled her assetts at the camera causing the male fans to leave their seats in appreciation for the divine diva from the darkside!

As the music died down, the fiery brunette stood at the center of the universe with the lights sweeping over her while the sparks from the pyros sprinkled down over her like diamonds. The brunette's gaze drifted slowly from side to side as she scanned the crowds watching her.and raised the mic to her lips.

"Well, well, we're all still here. So much for the Rapture taking us, well you all...up. Seems my invitation was misplaced"

Viper smirked while the fans cheered and laughed over the reference to the religious event that had the world talking and mocking.

"Isn't that always the way it is with these holymen? They lie to us, they blame us and then try to control us with fear and in the end, they're exposed for what they are, liars, lunatics and hypocrites."

Cole: "Those are some strong words coming from Viper, no wonder she's always finding herself in the middle of a controversy "

King: "Only because she exposes these clowns by telling it like it is"

"Just look at this Harold Camping guy, he lied and when nothing happened, he came up with a new date, October 21st. What the hell Harold, Jesus isn't going to reschedule for you! Christ! He's well Christ"

Again the crowds laughed and this time they began chanting Viper's name in unison!

"I'd mention FFATTies, but they vanished, maybe they managed to Rapture by picketing God and He in turn cast them into Hell where they belong. l'd mention Brother Carson but alas, he lost his heart to preach, too bad, soo sad. Gabriel Sands however is here and despite my personal opinion of that zealot or any zealot for that matter, so is Gideon. What I find interesting about those two is that between them, the only one that actually seems to repping Him is Sands. Gideon on the other hand seems to struggling with his faith. I mean look at him, he's married and yet he was tempted by Synn and nearly gave in. Makes me think that Synn went after Gideon because she sensed his weakness and she nearly succeeded. Mark my words, when those two throw down, we will see who actually has Him in his corner. As far as i'm concerned, I hope they kill each other"

Cole: "There she goes again. Viper just added fuel to that fire"

King: "Shut up Cole, if she did, great! The fans will get a great match up, we all win"

Cole: "What about that bit about them killing each other?? You know in this federation, it could happen"

King: "I'm sure she meant figuratively, heel vs heel matches are always electric! Although, this is a face vs face hmmm"

"Which brings me to the new guy, that Transformer dude, Optimus. Great movies but if you try to run me over, I will go Decepticon on your metal ass and rip out your nuts... and bolts"

The crowds chuckled and shouted out Optimum's correct name despite knowing that it had been an intentional blurb from the brunette.

"Ah Optimum, my bad. Kinda looked forward to meeting a real Transformer but okay. What the hell is going on around here?? Another holy man??? We seem to have been infested but don't you all worry, we have several good exterminators in-house to deal with them. Optimum and Dante is it? Hey i have a Dante, except mine is my faithful puppy"

Cole: "Puppy?? I've seen photos of Viper and her dog, it's the size of a freaking grizzly!"

King: "It's not that big, he's just...bigger than any dog i've ever seen. Probably has him on an all meat diet"

Cole: "Yeah, human meat"

King: "That's a horrible thing to say"

"While i'm not a demon, you'd both be wise to stay the hell out of my face. I don't play nice and if you poke a venomous snake with a stick, it will strike you and you will be no more except a rotting, empty husk of who you used to be."

King: "There it is. Viper has just fired off a warning shot and you know what'll happen if it's not heeded don't you?"

Cole: "Yeah the next shot will be right between the eyes!"

"Now then, as for the rest of you, i'm going to leave you with a little morsel. Keep your eyes open, you're in for a huge surprise"

No sooner had the brunette finished speaking and winked, the lights cut out and a huge explosion rocked the arena sending sending four pillars of blinding flame shooting from the turnbuckles! The explosions continued as the fire continued to volley around the ring. But before the rolling waves of heat could become too much, the flames receeded and the lights slowly rose once more leaving the hoarse fans cheering for more!

Posted on Jun 6, 2011, 5:31 PM

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