Oh yeah? EAT BABY MANUAL! (whump!)

by Undead Enigma

Undead Enigma instantly pulled his body to Reaver's left ankle and held on for dear life. The grip made it so Kveldulf couldn't turn UE over, it was something he also had learned in a Dojo. Before Enigma could reset Reaver's ankle and drop the sharpshooter, the White King relented and dumped the hold in disgust. Not enough time to invest in that move, But he was still in control. Reaching down again the Reaver this time gripped Enigma's ankles and crossed them placing his foot firmly with a snap stomp on the soft bend of UE's knees. Pulling up he began to rock and then steadied himself as the unplanned hold seemed to trap his opponent under his feet. The necromancer threw out his hand, fingers stretching for the ropes, his expression a silent scream. Then his other hand gripped his own long black hair on his forehead and he rolled his thin hand over to hide his pain.

The Reaver struggled with the grip on UE's crossed feet, but the move was effective. It held him in place, but wouldn't do much else. It was like stepping on a finger, that wouldn't win you a match any day of the week. Time to let the fool up. Kveldulf stepped out of the hold but didn't distance himself. An exposed kidney awaited his fists. The sound of tapping flesh and the turn of his fist grinding into the organ allowed a firm crossface to drag his foe to the center of the ring. Then firmly in command the Reaver executed the Million Dollar Dream sleeper but wrenched the hold directing UE's back to a waiting knee shattering Enigma's spine, spending him crashing to the canvas dead center of the squared circle. Was that enough?

The necromancer lay on the canvas the air forced from his withering lungs, and that copper taste building in his choking throat. The closed sense of darkness was of little comfort. Then another heff of struggle as the frame of the Reaver crushed his insides with a pin. The jolt and turn of his left shoulder was agonizing as he saved himself from yet another fall. But the Reaver was right there again, a shot to his forehead and another headlock keeping him pinned to the mat. The White King could play the wait game. He knew Enigma would try something, and the simple act of keeping a head lock grounded to the mat at this stage was invaluable to frustrating his opponent into making a critical error. Enigma started to move, and the Reaver followed him bouncing once, the finger grip still unbreakable. Trying again the Necromancer got to his knees, but the kink from the back of the neck made him stumble and Reaver lurched forward driving Enigma down.

"Why couldn't you leave well enough alone? You were at peace out there weren't you? GAH!"
Undead Enigma's voice could still be heard up close and the Reaver knew that he was getting to him.

There was another jerk and pull, this time Reaver couldn't force the movement. Enigma got to his knees and began to shuffle his body as close to the back side of the Reaver as possible. The turning of the following hold loosened Kveldulf's grip and he suddenly felt a sharp strike to his midsection. Breaking the hold Reaver swung his leg for a lariat roundhouse kick, but Enigma was too low and the momentum allowed him to spring up and grip the White King taking him into a back stabber! The thunderous clamor of knee cutting into shoulder blades brought a hush to the crowd. One guy stood up and clapped proclaiming how awesome this happened to be. The rest of the audience didn't like the mat technique.

They began to chant.

Kveldulf snarled as his back felt as if it were on fire. Rolling to his side, he noticed that Enigma was also not up yet. The referee began a double count just a few feet from the inaction. Then as if the spirit of the creatures of the night had taken hold, Undead Enigma sat up like the Phenom himself! A thick clotting blood ran from his angered lips, as he forced himself to rise to his feet. Working the shoulder and twisting the wrists came the assessment that everything hurt. UE noticed that Synn had been knocked cold for the first time, and thought the situation appropriate that it would come to this. Shaking his damaged limbs, he closed in on the Reaver striking the collar with a jagged heel. The stomp and another started Kveldulf to roll away. Enigma took hold of the White King's wrist and locking it in place brought him to his feet. Enigma kicked Reaver openly in the stomach and wrenched the arm pulling with a pivot sending the Reaver gliding into the turnbuckle the intent for him to strike his lower back. The Irish whip succeeded and Enigma felt his feet moving toward the buckle as well. With a full gallop UE struck Kveldulf in the stomach with a half turn karate kick, in which the Reaver collapsed from the buckle holding his insides.

Taking to the turnbuckle, Enigma mounted the second rung and dropped a Hitman styled elbow into the nape of the Reaver's neck. UE spat out the drying blood as he fired a straight punch into the Reaver. Standing once again, Undead Enigma cradled Kveldulf's head between his arm and attempted to lift the bigger man over his head. The Reaver threw out his foot and killed the jolt before taking a charge and lifting the Necromancer off of his feet power slamming him into the Turnbuckle and delivering a nice European uppercut to sway his opponent back against the ropes. Now standing facing Enigma the Reaver began to drop bombs, fist after fist, lefts and rights, as the crowd grew to his side.

The referee spun in between and pushed the Reaver back as Enigma cooled on the ropes falling to his knees. Kveldulf one sides the ref and grabbed Enigma who with a show of veteran skill manages a drop toe hold sending the Reaver into the ropes having the back of his hand collide with the near by referee. The shot was enough to turn the official and send the Reaver to the mat once again as Enigma reached into the sash and crushed the powder bag into his right hand!

Enigma wasted no time and attacked the Reaver with the right handed Claw of Enigma! The powder digging into his nose and face the Reaver dug his foot into UE and with a monkey flip sent the Necromancer flying behind him. The White King felt the cutting pressure on his temples and when he opened his eyes and the tears mixed with the powder coating his sockets, everything rolled into a stained blur! He couldn't see what was ahead of him, the White King had been blinded!

Posted on Jul 14, 2011, 1:26 AM

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