nothing just quoting lyrics to a song.

by Gideon

The two continued to dual with the shovels. Sands swung at his head but Gideon blocked it with his shovel. Fideon then managed to hit Sands in the gut with the shovel then followed up buy tripping him with it. The Zealot fell flat on his back. The Ghoostwalker then swung for his head, but Sands managed to block it. Gideon swung again, but this time he aimed for the hand holding the shovel and managed to knock the shovel off of his hand. The Holy Warrior swung at his head again but Gabriel rolled out of the way. The Zealot then managed to Kick Gideon in his bad ankle causing him to fall flat on his face. As Gideon started to get back to his feet, Sands stepped on the hand holding the shovel forcing Gideon to let go of the weapon. Sands would not remove his foot until Gideon started punching him in the injured knee, forcing him to remove his foot from on top of Gideon's hand. The Dark savior's hand started glowing with that energy again as Gideon sent another punch to Gabriel's bad knee almost fracturing it but he restrained himself. He didn't want to take the leg completely out of the equation. Was it mercy? Only he knew the reason why he did it. Gideon then struck the injured ribs.and then followed up with an uppercut that rocked his jaw and sent him reeling back. The Holy Warrior went for another punch but Gabriel moved out of the way and hit him with a punch of his own.

This time Sands was on the offensive as he began to mount another attack. The Zealot picked up his mase and destroyed the shovel Gideon was holding as he tried to block it. The Holy Warrior was unarmed again. Sands started swinging at Gideon again as he ducked and dodged. Gideon was getting really tired of that mace and finally decided he had enough. The Ghostwalker pulled out some of his crossblades and charged them with unstable spiritual energy and then launched them at the mound causing them to explode as a fog of dirt now surrounded the area concieling him. Sands couldn't see a thing. Gideon couldn't see Sands either but was trained how to fight blindfolded in his time with his brother in china. He could sence Gabriel's movements with in the fog. When ever Sands would get close Gideon would strike.. As his hands glowed, he struck him in the ribs again then followed with more punches to his face. Gideon then threw a roundhouse kick but Sands managed to grab his leg as the dirt fog cleared and put him in another ankle lock trying to injure the other ankle but Gideon managed to get out of the hold.Sands wouldn't let up and took The Ghostwalker down with an STO. Gabriel then picked hiis shovel back up and started beating Gideon across the back trying to do more damage to his already injured back. The Zealot then stepped on The Holy Warrior's back putting all his weight on it.

Gideon struggled as he felt that intense pain on his back. He didn't want to give Sands the satisfaction of hearing him scream, even though he was in alot of pain. The Holy Warrior bit on his own hand until he drew blood. Sands then got off and followed up with some heavy stomps to his back until Gideon managed to roll out of the way. His back was roaring with pain at this point. All he wanted was to finish this match so he could regenerate his wounds completely, but he was a fighter and eventhough he wanted to finish and regenerate, he couldn't until he won this match. As Gideon started getting back to his feet, he was met with a spinning reverse neckbreaker by Sands. He then picked the Ghostwalker up over his shoulders and put him in torture rack causing even more pain to his back. The Dark Savior started hitting him with multiple elbows to his head until Sands dropped him on his back. Gideon began to slowly get back to his feet Sands wentonthe attack again but before he could react, Gideon surprised him as he blaste him with a leaping reverse STO. The Ghost walker started to roll Sands into te grave, and just when he thought hehad this won, Gabriel shot up and wrapped his massive hand around Gideon's throat and delivered a monstrous chokeslam. To add insult to injury, the Zealot put gideon in his own submission move the redeemer. Not only washe trying to damage Gideon's back more,he wante to humiliate him by using his own move against him.

Posted on Jul 21, 2011, 9:06 PM

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