Yeah, I bitchslapped the fox and turned it into a stole.

by Kveldulf

Kveldulf just lets his right cheek rest against the mat, staring off into nothingness. The pool of blood under his arm spreads steadily, soon reaching his hair and face. The Ripper rolls back over to his other side, feebly attempting to get up before lying back down onto the mat. As the fans whisper to each other and the commentators go over the possible scenarios about the next match, emergency personnel make their way from the backstage area to ringside. Under orders to not go into the cage and let the match finish, they need to be ready to assist and tend to the injured as soon as the match ends.

Slowly the Reaver begins to stir, his legs moving slightly. Stopping for a moment, he rolls over onto his back as the pain tears through his body. Grimacing with the effort, the White King forces himself up to a sitting position so that he can see the events transpiring. The madman coughs violently for a moment before crawling over to the ropes. Using them, the Ripper pulls himself to the cage and uses the mesh to get himself up to a similar position, looking into the ring. As their eyes meet, nearly the same thoughts go through in their minds. The questions of what needs to be done to put his opponent away. The questions of doubt about his ability to actually win this match and make it to the final round. The answers of motivation, of the will and persistence to win and of the means to do it by means that border on desperation and insanity.

As if an invigorating blast hits the ring, both creatures scramble to their feet with their bodies ignoring the pain momentarily. With paced, precision movement the Ripper steps between the ropes, clawed fingertips at the ready. Since he hasn't been able to wear out the White King enough with chokes and submissions, the madman will just have to bleed the bastard out. Looking at his opponent, he sees the previous wound pulsing blood, making the entire right arm coated in red. The Reaver's face still bears the cut from the exposed turnbuckle, his face a mask of crimson. Every movement, every step has the host body losing its life force as it oozes out and drips to the mat. Closing the distance the LES leader attacks with broad swipes, forcing Kveldulf to step back to miss the attacks. Running out of room against the ropes, the madman comes back with a left-handed overhand chop, slashing across the Reaver's chest. The White King strikes out with an elbow attack that the Ripper ducks, cutting across his side in the process and grabbing his opponent into a sleeper hold, dropping him to the mat with a neck breaker. Rolling Kveldulf onto his stomach, the madman grabs his right wrist and performs a spinning arm lock, applying the pressure to the wrist and the wounded bicep. Then he starts to dig in the claws for added punctures and to grip the wet arm.

The Reaver clenches his left fist, smacking the mat and then reaching over to take hold of his opponent's ankle. Reaching around, the White King places his thumb along the front and squeezes his fingers into the Achilles tendon. As the Ripper releases the pressure a little, Kveldulf twists the boot and tendon causing the madman to let go of his hold and break free. Hobbling on one leg and trying to get the other leg to support his weight, he glares at the Reaver as the tattooed creature gets to his feet. The White King stalks towards the LES leader, feigning a low strike kick. As the Ripper prepares for that, Kveldulf strikes with a right hook across the jaw, following with a quick right backhand to finish the small combo with a full left-handed uppercut. The force of the blow reels the madman back, as he frantically wipes away any blood that may seep into his mouth or nose. Lightly bouncing off the ropes, the Reaver knees him in the gut and then puts his arm over his head into a front face lock. Grabbing the pants at the hip, the White King hoists his opponent up into a vertical suplex. Holding the move for a moment, he drops the LES leader with a brain buster to the mat.

Rolling over, Kveldulf gets up to a knee, looking at the cage door. Taking a step and holding his side, he slowly walks in that direction, motioning for the official to open the door. About a couple feet away from it, the Ripper jumps into the back of his left leg, clipping him and bringing the Reaver to the mat. Scrambling towards the exit, the madman gets his hands over the edge of the ring and tries to pull himself out. His hands touch the steel steps for just a brief moment before his body starts to move back into the ring. Gripping the apron with both hands, he pulls against the Reaver, who has grabbed his ankles, and starting to squirm and kick to have him lose his hold. Kveldulf realizes the intent and pulls upward and delivers a stiff kick to the groin. The sensation instantly has the LES leader let go of the apron and grab his crotch as the White King pulls him back into the center of the ring as the official shuts the door.

As the Reaver picks the madman up to his feet, the LES leader delivers an elbow to the gut and then slashes the House of Ivory leader across the gut with the clawed fingers. Flicking the blood off his hands, the Ripper measures up his opponent for an elbow blow to the jaw and then whips him into the ropes. As Kveldulf comes back, the madman grabs him into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Not letting go, he powers himself to stand up and then drops the Reaver across his knee so that the ribs take all the brunt of the blow. A kick to the ribs follows and then the Ripper drags his foe over to the turnbuckle.
The muscles in his legs are beginning to burn from the amount of punishment they have taken. Placing the White King over the bottom rope, the madman places his foot onto his opponent's back and pulls up on the top rope, applying the pressure. Then he jumps up and comes down with a double stomp attack. Forcing Kveldulf to his feet, the LES leader decides to go all out as some madness sets in. Placing him into the corner, he shoulders the Reaver in the gut and then lifts up with his body, hoisting his opponent to sit on the turnbuckle. Standing on the ropes, he helps the White King to his feet on the top of the turnbuckle. Moving slowly so to not fall, the Ripper gets into position to attempt a dangerous DDT from the top rope.

But the move is taking too long to set up, allowing Kveldulf time to gather his wits momentarily. A snap jab forces the Ripper to lean against the steel cage while balancing on the top rope. Following with a backhand to the madman's sternum, the Reaver jockeys for position and finally gets both arms locked over the back. Then pushing off and pulling up, it looks like the White King wants to do a double underhook suplex from the top rope, but in actually he manages to pull off a super tiger bomb style alley oop face buster.

Everyone stands and watches with anticipation, seeing who will get up first from the mat as both creatures lay there unmoving.

Posted on Aug 2, 2011, 8:19 PM

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