Wrong! (holds arms up) I'm a champion!!!!

by Kveldulf

Kveldulf rolls from under the ladder to the outside of the squared circle, lying prone on the mats. Holding his ribs momentarily, he then reaches underneath the ring apron, searching for anything to equalize this match. The interference in a no disqualification match didn't surprise him, but he figured that it would come later after Jason and he had a chance to battle each other. No matter, the entire roster could come out for all Kveldulf cared about. In his mind, he will still be the one to walk away this evening as champion. Grasping the metal tube with both hands, the Reaver pulls it closer. Feeling hands upon him, dragging him away from the ring by one leg, the White King spins over once the metal clears, swinging it sideways and catching Synn with the first couple inches of the pipe right on the inside of the patella on her left knee. The blow forces her leg outward and bringing her closer for him to hit the succubus in the temple with a snap kick with his free leg, forcing her to let go of him.

The Reaver gets to his feet, turning to the ring to see Undead Enigma right in the middle of a plancha over the top rope at him. Getting the pipe up, the White King contacts the necromancer across the gut, but not with the force he wanted behind the swing. In the process, UE grasps the weapon as he goes to the ground, wrenching it from Kveldulf's hands. Synn, recovering from the previous attack, vaults over Undead Enigma with a drop kick to the Reaver that sends him staggering back. As she lands, the succubus continues the assault with a series of punches forcing him back into the ring apron. Placing her hands up so that the White King has limited vision, she drops at the last moment to reveal UE coming forward with the pipe in a running baseball style swing. Just as he passes the turnbuckle, Jason blindsides him with a shoulder first body check that sends the necromancer to the floor. Synn spins to meet the contender but the Reaver locks her arms behind her back. Then lifting her up the White King takes a few steps forward before leaning backwards and dropping the succubus on the other side of the barrier with a release tiger suplex.

Jason, wrestling on the ground with Undead Enigma, gets a knee into his opponent's ribs while trying to pry the iron knuckles off his right hand. The Reaver steps over and grabs the pipe from the ground. Walking over to the two and with a golf style swing, Kveldulf times the blow to hit UE on the inside of his right ankle. The attack distracts the necromancer from his struggles enough for the contender to free the weapon from the hand. Holding it up like a trophy proves costly as Undead Enigma grabs him by the throat and clocks him with the other fist. As the large man rolls to the side, Kveldulf steps in with another swing that hits the iron knuckles directly on the back of the necromancer's hand. UE clutches his left hand to his gut as the vibrations go through it and manages to free himself from under Jason. Dodging to the side, he escapes another swing by the Reaver before coming up and closing the distance with a boxing body blow.

As Jason gets to his feet, he moves to intercept but a body jumps on his back as Synn launches herself from the barrier. Putting her arms around his head, she locks in a choke hold to wear him out. Feeling her cinch in the hold, the large man backs towards the turnbuckle, slamming against it. A second attack follows into the steel and then Jason reaches behind his head, grabbing her hair and pulling her forward into a modified front slam to the mat. Looking up, he sees that the necromancer has gotten the pipe free from the Reaver. As the White King dodges blows, a baseball swing to the left goes errant when Kveldulf drops to the mat and a fan takes the entire blow right into the sternum. The momentary pause as the fans attempt to help the one who took the blow and heckle Undead Enigma gives the Reaver the chance he needs to rush forward, his shoulder connecting into the necromancer's gut and giving him a back body drop.

Meanwhile Jason has picked up a ladder, offering one end to the White King. Seeing the plan, the Reaver takes it and both rush towards Synn, knocking her to the floor again. Turning around, they run back the other direction and hit Undead Enigma as he gets to his feet. Smiling for a moment, Jason feels the two can take these opponents on without any problems. Then the reinforced steel of the ladder smack him in the chin as Kveldulf pushes the ladder forwards and then rips it away. Tossing it in the ring, the Reaver reaches under the apron and pulls out a steel chair, favoring his ribs from the exertion.

Posted on Aug 8, 2011, 5:43 PM

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