All we need are black shirts with white text and we could almost say the band is back!

by Crymzon Payne

Crymzon remained cordial enough, even though a rage was boiling up inside him as he wiped the blood from his lip. A handshake to his comrades Rage and Nobody, along with a bow of the head to Viper and he was back to his regularly scheduled ranting/color commentary. The Reaver had tipped the ladder, sending Undead Enigma crashing to the mat before rushing over to deliver a clothesline, sending the Enigmatic Mad Man out of the ring and to the floor. This also left him wide open for a big boot from behind from Jason, who had since slid back into the ring.

"Viper, it is truly an honor for you to come out here and join me at the commentary table."

"Ummmmm Thank you Crymzon. Nice seeing you back as well. Do you know what Blade and Tenay are doing out here?"

"Those wankstains? I figure they came out to cheer for their little great white chump Jason. They know for a fact that King and Cole would point out the shenanigans, hence why I called them on their bullshit."

"So let me ask you something Viper, You are a former DWF World Heavyweight Champion, yes? So what is your opinion on this merger of that championship with those two joke championships? Do you feel like it is spitting on not only your legacy, but the legacy of the DWF?"

"Hell to the no! I don't know who the Einstein was that came up with this brilliant idea but this is bullshit!" Viper laughed at the censors moving too slow and allowed the slip to hit the airwaves

"I see, and what are your thoughts on this conspiracy, this effort to hand pick Jason as the new champion as perpetrated by Candice Fairchild and that man over there, Chris Blade?"

"You're damn right there's a conspiracy but I'll tell you this much, neither Jason or Reaver deserves the shot at becoming the champ. Jason didn't fight his way all the way through and Reaver, well he just sucks!"

"EXACTLY! Jason didn't have to do fuck all to get into this match and Reaver went through hell!"

"And he sucks!"

"Ya gotta give Reaver credit though, he took three ass kickings before coming into this match."

"I'm not giving Reaver anything, he sucks, plain and simple! Crymzon, you, me, Rage, Nobody should be the champion. We have what it takes to carry the company and that's honor and a whole lotta balls"

"Well, while I am not going to disagree with you on me deserving to be champion, or really either of us for that matter, I am afraid you are going to have to excuse me for a moment."

Jason had since set up the ladder once again, taking a moment to catch his breath before beginning his ascent. Reaver used the ropes to pull himself up to his feet before he made his way over to grab the back of Jason's pants. the Seven footer didn't notice Crymzon get up from his seat, nor did he see him fold up his chair and move around to the opposite side of the ring. Jason planted his foot hard into the side of Reaver's skull, sending the other challenger staggering back before he turned his attention back towards his climb. His fingers had touched the championship when he caught something out of his peripheral vision, a chair was callously flung from the top turnbuckle.

Jason caught the chair, but did not react in time, because the chair was really just a distraction. Immediately following the chair throw, Crymzon launched himself with a spinning kick, crashing his foot into the metal chair, thusly sending the chair careening into Jason's skull, sending the big man dropping down to the mat where the chair again collided with his face from the drop. Crymzon got to his feet, grinning as he wiped the blood from his lip while picking up the steel chair. Another chair shot across the skull sent the audience into a fury as Crymzon stood above the corporate stooge.

"Looks like your destiny is just to be someone's rotten bitch."

Posted on Aug 12, 2011, 9:51 PM

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