He only brings sausages to these shindigs

by Kveldulf

The pain shoots through Kveldulf's right arm as the bandage begins to turn red while lying on his back. The stitches have torn between the bokken use and from the fall from the belt, it just took time for the blood to seep through. Moving his other arm, another pain sensation comes through the shoulder. At a glance, he sees the deformation and knows that it's been dislocated. The White King's ribs and chest burn with every intake of breath, every simple twist of the body. Taking a deep breath, he focuses to move the pain away from his consciousness so that it's a dull ache. Sitting up, the Reaver looks over and sees Jason lying face down on the mat, slowly trying to get his arms underneath him. The challenger uses the injured right arm to help himself up to his feet. Taking a few steps the White King kneels down and grabs the ladder with his right hand as his left arm dangles at his side. Tossing the ladder to the outside, that will buy him some time for the moment. Stepping through the ropes and dropping to the floor, Kveldulf walks with an obvious limp over to the announcers' table and holds out his left arm.

Kveldulf: I need one of you to hold my arm so I can relocate it.

Mike Tenay (holding up his hands): No, no! I won't be involved. That would be interfering in the match! I don't want to get fired!

Chris Blade (looking at Mike, wondering for a moment why he even said that): Candice wouldn't be that literal ... I think. I would help but I must remain neutral here as commentator and an administrator.

Crymzon: PANSIES! You make it sound like some big ordeal that requires your mother's permission! Obviously you both are in cahoots with Candice and her scheme to have Jason win.

Reaching out, Payne takes the Reaver's arm and holds it steady while the White King shoves his shoulder forward to reset the joint. A nod of thanks, though Crymson only helped for one reason and one reason alone, while Kveldulf moves the shoulder in a small circle and then he turns back to the task at hand. From the outside, he sees the contender still moving slowly in the ring, having worked his way to a corner to use it for assistance to get to his feet. Using the steps, the Reaver makes his way back into the ring to continue the match. With a determined stride, he closes the distance to Jason.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jason strikes first with a wide haymaker, misjudging where the White King was standing. Blinking to regain his composure and focus, he swings again to another miss, wondering how much head trauma he has truly suffered in the match and from the fall. An elbow smash to the small of his back brings the contender back to the matter at hand as he is pushed forward into the ropes. Grabbing the top rope so that he doesn't rebound back, Jason spins with a kick at hip level but meets no resistance from the blow. He sees the Reaver, just out of the range of his attack; take a step forward with a strong taekwondo kick to the contender's ribs. The fans in the first few rows of seat hear the sickening crunch of bone from the blow. Ribs were surely cracked and potentially broken as Jason drops to a knee, trying to suck air into his lungs and the force of the kick as taken all his breath out. Kveldulf takes a few steps and climbs out of the ring, dropping to the floor towards the entranceway. Closing the reinforced ladder, that has been standing here since Undead Enigma has been sitting on it; the Reaver takes the solid metal apparatus and tosses it into the ring. Grabbing one of the normal ladders, he tosses it into the ring also.

Jason hears the ladders enter the ring, gritting his teeth as he stands up to deal with the White King as he reenters the squared circle also. With a short burst of speed, the contender rushes forward with a body avalanche, sending the Reaver back into the turnbuckle. He follows with a knife edge chop before taking a couple steps back and rushing forward again into a corner splash. Jason drops to a knee afterwards, knowing that his newest injuries just got aggravated, but he knows that Kveldulf took the blows worse in his condition. Getting back up, Jason attacks again with several well placed knee strikes before grabbing his opponent's wrist. With a hard whip, the contender doesn't let go and brings the Reaver back into a spine buster to the mat. Dusting himself off, Jason then drags the White King over to the ropes, picking him up so that he is leaning against them. Taking his opponent's arms, the contender wraps them into the top ropes, trapping his opponent to watch as Jason sets up the reinforced ladder in the center of the ring. Again, he slowly begins the climb to win this match. The Reaver struggles with his might, trying to break free. With a bellow of rage, he rips free from the ropes but at the cost of further tearing his arm open. Now the blood begins to trickle down his right arm, dripping to the mat.

Getting on the other side of the ladder, the White King begins to climb the steel rungs as Jason is already reaching for the belt. Striking around the ladder, Kveldulf hits his opponent with a knuckle punch to the calf, forcing the contender to drop a little to regain his balance. Using the time to get higher on the ladder, he finds himself face to face with Jason yet again. The contender grabs him and pulls him forward to slam the Reaver's head against the steel, reopening a wound across his face. A stiff elbow follows causing the White King to teeter for a moment, but he leans forward and delivers a hook body blow to Jason's ribs. Another blow and Kveldulf works himself a couple steps higher. He has devised a plan to deal with the contender's resiliency. As a couple more blows are traded, both men are standing near the very top of the ladder before the Reaver gains the slight upper hand he needs. Gripping Jason in a front face lock, he lifts the larger creature up into a vertical suplex position while on the next to top step. Gauging the distance, Kveldulf turns, steps off the ladder and drops the contender with an Orange Crush Bomb onto the other ladder laying in the ring. The Reaver grins as the therapeutic sound of a body falling onto steel resounds in the ring area as he gets up to his feet from the mat, placing a hand on the first rung and begins to ascend again for the title.

Posted on Aug 19, 2011, 4:00 AM

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