The only rumbling here is your stomach.

by Kveldulf the Reaver


Kveldulf walks out onto the stage wearing gray wash moto denim jeans with a black leather belt, a dark gray pique Henley t-shirt, an open black padded military jacket and black Jacquard sneakers. He's clean shaven and his short hair a random mix of vibrant green and purple spiked with hair putty. The DWF Universal Undisputed Championship around his waist, the Reaver puts his head down to look at the stage floor and his arms crossed so his index fingers point towards the opposite foot. At the 16 second mark of the music, a series of pyrotechnic blasts firing out towards the fans rock the stage as the White King lifts his head up and throws his arms up to point above him.

Kveldulf walks down to the ring, staying in the middle of the aisle to remain away from the fans at this moment. At ringside the Reaver takes off his jacket, tossing it to a child in the front row and then takes off his shirt, throwing it out into the crowd on the opposite side and having it land several rows back. As he makes his way around the ring, the champion keeps an eye on Crymzon in the ring. Until the match officially starts, the possibility of retribution for the earlier act in the evening remains plausible. The White King strides over to the time keeper's table and motions for a microphone. As Michael Buffer begins the introduction, Kveldulf cuts him off.

"Shut your mouth for the moment Michael as I have some things to say. The first order of business comes from the tail end of Last Rites. I have reviewed the names submitted and have chosen 'The Ivory Tower' for that move.

Now on to the important business at hand. Undead Enigma, you know full well that I will not declare loyalty to the Cult of Enigma. So you may tally those minus 20 points on to me now."

The Reaver reaches into a pocket and pulls out a black Sharpie marker and compact mirror. Closing his right eye, he takes the marker and colors over the eyelid and around the eye. Upon completion, the White King opens his right eye and then closes his left eye following the same process. Looking closely, he recaps the marker and tosses it and the mirror to the timekeeper. Kveldulf then reaches down, lifting up the pant leg and pulling a knife out of his boot. The Reaver draws it across his forehead, leaving a trail of redness that begins to run down his face. Then he places the knife back into the boot sheath.

"Now, in front of everyone here, I have given myself two black eyes. And before I enter this ring, you can see this mask of crimson upon my face."

As the White King begins to enter the ring, a sole fan begins to cheer him. Kveldulf looks over to see the fan wearing a Cult of Enigma shirt. Then other fans begin to cheer and chant, fans of his opponents insuring he may get that point deficit while the fans of the House of Ivory remain silent, glaring at everyone. The Reaver expected this to happen and takes position against a turnbuckle, keeping his eyes on Crymzon and the entrance.

Posted on Sep 9, 2011, 3:55 PM

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