Probably the doctors at the hospital... Please tell me Stephanie won't be our nurse >.>

by Crymzon Payne

The two men stood in opposite corners, breathing heavily as they watched one another's movements carefully. Somehow despite the interference from Seth and Reaver, this match was going quite well. Even Stephanie and her noisemakers took away little from the action these two men were providing. For a moment, Crymzon entertained the thought of what a match between these two would have been like without the interference, but that was a question for another day. Right now, business had to be taken care of.

The two men stepped into the middle of the ring, with Crymzon faking to the left before spinning out to the right, getting Devil in a waistlock before taking him down to the mat with a hard slam. He wasted little time in positioning himself on Devil's back, his hands locking around Devil's wrist as he flipped backwards, pulling Devil over with him into a cross armbar. Devil growled, biting back the pain and shaking his head while Stephanie asked him if he wanted to tap. Crymzon continued leaning back, applying pressure until Devil mananaged to bring his other arm up, punching Crymzon hard in his knee. Once he felt Crymzon's legs give in just enough, Devil rolled onto his side, forcing Crymzon into a pinning predicament, and therefore forcing Crymzon to break the hold in order to kick out.

Devil was on his feet quicker than Crymzon and took advantage of that by driving a stiff boot into Crymzon's stomach, followed by a gut wrench powerbomb. Devil wasted no time in rolling Crymzon up for a pin attempt, again narrowly missing the three count. Devil shook his head in disbelief, wondering to himself just what he needed to do in order to put Crymzon down for a three count, a similar thought that Crymzon had shared regarding his opponent just as many times in this match. Slowly Devil pulled himself up to his feet, Crymzon not moving a muscle, save for the rise and fall of his chest. The Forbidden Champion took a look to the corner and began walking towards it. Devil wasted no time in pandering to the fans, only making his climb to the top rope. What happened next not only caused the fans to shout some expletives, but also sent the censors running to bleep out what Jerry Lawler had just yelled out over the mic.

As Devil was finishing his climb, Crymzon scrambled to his feet and exploded up onto the top turn buckle with Devil. The Forbidden Champion attempted to shove The Rogue off, but Crymzon had locked his hands into Devil's hair and jumped towards the outside of the ring, connecting with a double knee facebuster from the top rope and out to the floor.

JL: I can't fucking believe he just did that!

JR: With no regard for his safety, Crymzon Payne may very well have just killed both his opponent and himself!

The crowd was on fire, both men's contingency of fans screaming for them to get up. Stephanie had retrieved her airhorns, sounding them off as she screamed for them to get up. Really there was nothing that she could do. There were no disqualifications, no count outs, but the pinfalls had to occur inside the ring. Crymzon slowly began stirring, rolling over onto his hands and knees. One hand went to his head, surprised that despite the nagging pain that there was no bleeding. That was good. His vision was hazy, a glance over at the stirring Devil and he saw that there were actually three of him. He had no idea of just how much time had passed, the sounds of the fans and the airhorns combined seemed to go on forever. Slowly he pushed himself up off the ground and pulled himself up using the ring skirt. He kept his eyes locked on Devil as he pulled himself up onto the ring apron and used the ropes to get to his feet.

Backing himself up against a corner post, Crymzon waited as he watched Devil pull himself up using the ring steps. Devil turned just in time to see Crymzon running at him and take to the air. Crymzon lept at Devil, bringing his knees up to crash into The Forbidden Champion, sandwiching him between The Rogue and the ring steps. Lucky for Devil, the ring steps gave way. Unfortunately for Crymzon, he wound up cracking his ribs into the ringsteps as well. Crymzon rolled off the ringsteps, clutching his ribs and kicking his legs as he yelled out in pain. Devil meanwhile was clutching his skullTrying to roll away from Crymzon to buy himself some recovery time before the lunatic did anything else.

Crymzon rolled himself over to the barricade, pulling himself up to his feet with one arm. Fans were clapping him on the shoulders as he rested, waiting for Devil to get to his feet. Devil was slowly but surely moving to his feet, only to get spun and violently kicked in the stomach. Positioning himself and Devil just right, next to the ring steps, Crymzon hooked Devil and went for a suplex, which Devil blocked, and reversed, but rather than fall backward, Devil fell forward, sending Crymzon's ribs crashing once again into the steel steps. Crymzon scrambled to the opposite side of the ring steps, clutching his ribs tightly as Devil sat on the otherside, still recovering from his punishment.

Stephanie meanwhile, was busy screaming at both men to get back into the ring.

Posted on Sep 10, 2011, 7:57 PM

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