Blinded by the light cast off by a douche whose pale ass glows all night

by Crymzon Payne

The fact that the ref was now literally blind was going to make things interesting, that much was for certain. As near as he could tell, Crymzon had two options for this. One option was to attempt to play within the rules of Undead Enigma's little stipulations, and attempt to officiate this match with a giant bag on his head. That would simply not do. Instead, he opted for option two: Crymzon dropped to his back and carefully rolled out of the ring.

Sounds of confusion washed out over the crowd, and he had to imagine what exactly was going through the Reaver's head right now. He had already decided that if anyone lay a hand on him, he would drop that person with an Abyss DDT. So he continued on, making every attempt to get to the announce table, following the ring barricade. He remembered he was facing the entrance when the hood went over him, so he knew approximately where the announce table was. Then it was only a matter of tuning out the fans and listening for either Jim Ross or The King.

JL:Crymzon, what the heck are you doing!

There they were. Slowly, Crymzon made his way over to the announce table and felt around to find a chair. Upon finding said chair, the Demon Rogue slowly sat down and turned his head to the approximate direction of Lawler.

"Give me a mic, King, will ya?"

Lawler called over for a microphone, which Viper obligingly gave from her boot. Lawler took the mic and placed it into Crymzon's waiting hand.

"Ok, now look kids. I didn't mind the constant interference in my match with Devil, the urine thing. Hell if anything I would have done the same as both of you had I been placed into your position and apparently I was and didn't know it. Now once again, I am not complaining. However I am also not going to stand in that ring and get knocked around like a pinata while you knuckleheads are in there fighting over that title. And I am also not going to remove this hood.

"So with all due respect to Ms. Fairchild and her order that I perform as your special guest referee, I am afraid that I am not going to be doing that in this hood. However I am also not going to ask for a new ref to come down. No instead, when one of you three peons in the ring are ready to quit dicking around and want to go for a pin or lock in a submission and you want it to be even close to getting you the win, then by all means, come out here and get this hood off of my head. Otherwise you guys can just kill eachother all night long. I don't have anywhere else to be, my flight to the next city is an early morning one so I have until 5."

With that, Crymzon called for the bell and sat back, waiting... after giving Viper back her boot mic.

Posted on Sep 11, 2011, 2:48 PM

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