If we put this match to music, we would have to use Still Unbroken by Lynard Skynard...

by Crymzon Payne

Beaten, battered, bruised, but far from broken. That would be the best way to describe the two men in the ring. They have endured brutal punishment from eachother as well as the outside interference, which honestly Devil had gotten the worst end of that. Crymzon honestly hadn't bothered keeping track of just how many nut shots Devil had received, but there was a damn good chance, demigod or no, that Devil would not be reproducing any time soon. Both men were laying still in the ring, trying to give their heads a chance to stop spinning. Time was of the essence though, and they would have to move sooner rather than later if there was an advantage that could be pushed.

Devil was the first to begin moving, pulling himself up to his feet. Taking a moment to get his bearings, Devil stalked over to grab Crymzon's wrist, pulling him up to his feet. Holding onto Crymzon's wrist, Devil pulled The Demon Rogue into him, connecting with a stiff elbow shot to the jaw. Crymzon dropped down to one knee, his body hanging limply as he got pulled back up, only to be sent right back down with another elbow shot to the jaw. This process was repeated once more before Devil sent Crymzoninto a corner with a hard irish whip. Devil wasted no time whatsoever in capitalizing on his opponent's weakened state, rushing in to drop Crymzon with a hard running clothesline.

Crymzon fell to the mat hard, his ribs giving him all sorts of hell, further restricting his breathing. His lungs were on fire after just having the air forced out of them from that massive clothesline, and he was desperately trying to get some air back into them. Devil in the meantime stalked back over to Crymzon, pulling him up and throwing him back down to the mat with a scoop slam near the corner. Crymzon writhed, the impact affecting his ribs as well as his ability to breath when he saw Devil move himself to the corner. The Forbidden Champion grabbed hold of the ropes and attempted to connect with a Starship Pain maneuver, but Crymzon jerked his knees up, catching Devil in the ribs as he crashed down onto his opponent.

Crymzon instinctively rolled out of the ring, his body seeking solace as Devil remained on the inside. His ribs were screaming at him, his mind was running on pure instinct, his body solely on adrenaline. He kneeled outside, letting his lungs fill up with precious oxygen while he evaluated his options. The fact that either man was still competing in this match was a testament to both of their intestinal fortitudes, and has definitely left the crowd in attendence and those watching at home the winners. Slowly, Crymzon began to get to his feet, in time to see Devil running at him. The Forbidden Champion attempted a baseball slide drop kick, but Crymzon dodged to the side, pulling the ring skirt out, trapping Devil between it and the ring. Crymzon reacted quickly, burying his shoulder into Devil's ribs not once, but twice, Then following up with a trio of hard European Uppercuts. With The Forbidden Champion rocked back, Crymzon executed a hard roundhouse kick, cracking his foot up against Devil's skull. With the Demigod on the ropes, Crymzon quickly slid back into the ring and ran into the ropes. Rebounding off, Crymzon threw himself between the top and middle ropes, connecting with the Righteous Kill (somersaulting/diving RKO/Diamond Dust).

JR: The Righteous Kill! The Righteous Kill! This has got to be over folks!

JL: Yeah but first he has to get Devil back into the ring, and I don't know just how much his ribs are going to allow him to do that.

JR: Both of these men have put their bodies out there for this match, for the right to be the final Aggression Champion. Really, after this match, no matter which man wins, both of them would have had one of the best matches for that title in history!

The ring skirt snapped on one end, letting the company logo drape across the floor as Crymzon pulled himself up to a standing position. As quickly as his ribs could allow, Crymzon pulled Devil back into the ring and hooked both of Devil's legs, going for the pin. Stephanie dropped to make the pinfall attempt.



Thre..... Kick Out!

Crymzon rolled onto his back, staring at the lights. Devil was doing the same. Beaten, battered, bruised... But for the time being, neither man had yet to be broken. Eventually one of them would run out of gas before the other. The question on the minds of the fans, the announcers, and the boys in the back was which one would fall down first.

(OOC: Yeah I just thought of using that as a finisher, it wasn't on my list I sent and that was why. Inspiration just struck me to have him do something and that was it. Hope ya liked lol)

Posted on Sep 11, 2011, 4:32 PM

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