There's glowing? Damn, I can't see a thing in this.

by Kveldulf the Reaver


Kveldulf relaxes after his initial attack from having the bag is placed over his head, closing his eyes to heighten the other senses. He already knew it would come to this in the match once the stipulations were named. The Reaver also hears the statement of Crymzon being hooded too. The later statement from the special referee while the other two vie for dominance in their lockup confirms that it was done for the chaos. The White King remains in his place against the turnbuckle instead of blindly walking out into to be easily defeated.

While the two grapple, Seth shoves back quickly to create enough space to launch a European uppercut. Undead Enigma leans his head back to dodge the blow and returns with an eye rake. Taking the momentum, the Iron Tyrant grabs his opponent's wrist and whips him across the ring. On the rebound, Seth ducks under a strong elbow strike and leaps up on the opposite ropes, spring boarding off with a pele style kick. The necromancer counters with a hook kick at the same time. Both wrestlers connect with their attacks, knocking each other to the mat as UE takes the blow to his shoulders while Seth takes it to the lower abdomen.

Feeling the vibration in the ring beneath his feet, the White King can tell that there is someone nearby on the mat. Taking a couple steps, he attacks with a jumping elbow drop that hits only the canvas. Rolling to the side and into a defensive kneeling position, his target must have moved out of the way. But even here, an attack can easily come by without being blocked. As the blow to the head sends the Reaver to the mat as a boot connects with his head. Lashing out with a kick from his back in the general direction of where he thinks it came from, the White King rolls to where he thinks the ropes are.

In fact, he has rolled the opposite way and bumps into someone's legs. Reaching out, he takes hold of them so that the opponent can't move temporarily ...

Posted on Sep 11, 2011, 5:41 PM

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