Perhaps you were expecting something along the line of The Muppets?

by Kveldulf the Reaver

While holding the wrist, Kveldulf delivers an elbow to the abdomen with his free arm. A second blow follows right where the diaphragm rests, forcing a sharp intake of air and allowing the Reaver to pull his opponent's arm forward to release the choke hold. Grabbing the crook of the elbow with his free hand, the White King pulls the elbow while pushing on the wrist, creating a modified key lock. Snapping his head back, Kveldulf connects against the mouth, busting open a lip as the leg scissors is released. Seth pivots his body to take the pressure off the arm, rolling over his foe and managing to break free from the Reaver's grip.

Finding himself closer to Undead Enigma, Seth tries to go for a single leg sweep but the necromancer jumps back to dodge it - a move that unfortunately gives away his location as the White King charges forward from a kneeling stance. The Iron Tyrant braces himself and counters with a hip toss that sends Kveldulf to the canvas on his back. Meanwhile Seth has gotten up and comes behind UE, grabbing him by the shoulder and spinning him around. A European uppercut sends the larger creature back, followed by several knife edge chops backing him against the ropes. Whipping the necromancer across the ring, he jumps over the Reaver's attempt to trip him, but comes back to meet a clothesline from Seth that takes him to the mat. As the White King gets up, he throws a punch in the direction of one of his opponents, but Seth sidesteps the attack, grabbing Kveldulf around the neck and sending him to the mat with a backbreaker drop. Before the necromancer can react as he gets to his feet, Seth takes both of his arms, twisting around and dropping his opponent to the mat with a straight jacket neck breaker. Getting back up first, Seth then begins to deliver several stomps to the legs of Undead Enigma. Then grabbing an ankle, he rolls his opponent over and locks in a single leg Boston Crab to wear down his opponent.

Meanwhile the Reaver searches for the ropes, finally reaching out and grabbing the bottom one. Pulling himself over, he tries to listen for anything in the ring, but there are too many ambient sounds in the arena filtering in through the bag. Then he feels the vibration through the mat as the necromancer pushes himself up to relief some of the pressure of the submission. With a twist the larger creature is free and landing massive blows to his opponent before he can get to his feet. Standing up, Undead Enigma pulls Seth to his feet also and whips him towards the White King. Gauging the distance, Kveldulf attempts a clothesline but the challenger ducks under it, leaping upon the ropes and coming back with a pele kick that connects to the back of the champion's head. Staggering forward, the Reaver meets a solid vertical front kick to the ribs from the Iron Tyrant that sends him back to the mat and rolling to the outside of the ring.

Seth uses the distraction to come forward with a punch, but Undead Enigma parries the punch to the side. He counters with a series of palm strikes before whipping Seth over into a corner. Running shortly after, UE hits with knee strike right into the gut. Not letting his opponent fall to the mat, Undead Enigma takes hold of the wrist with one hand and the necromancer delivers a solid body blow with his free hand before then grabbing the wrist with it also. Then twisting his body, UE gets the arm over his shoulder and pulls forward with a simple shoulder throw. The speed of the move causes Seth to impact the mat much harder than expected. Not releasing the wrist, the Iron Tyrant grabs the other wrist and pulls both of Seth's arms behind his back with UE's foot square in the small of the back into a modified surfboard stretch.

Posted on Sep 13, 2011, 8:45 PM

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