Why is it everyone wants to take my clothes off?

by Kveldulf the Reaver, DWF UUC

The Dark Requiem strikes first with a straight kick to the stomach as the Reaver pulls the remains of the sailor shirt from his face. While the Universal Undisputed Champion (UUC) reels back from the force, the Dark One presses the attack with a series of body punches before grabbing his opponent's right wrist. Keeping hold of it with his left hand, TDR then grabs further up the arm with his right hand, stepping into the move so that his back is towards the White King. Pulling his opponent forward and using his legs and hips, His Royal Darkness takes Kveldulf to the mat with a shoulder throw. Focusing on the same arm, The Dark Requiem drops to the canvas and places the appendage in a shoulder lock.

The Reaver feels the tendons tighten in his arm, looking around to see where in the ring he happens to be laying. The Dark One adds pressure to the hold, knowing that for now this only weakens his opponent. It will take more to defeat the UUC. The referee walks around, unsure what to check for due to the specific match stipulations. He feels more like an observer that will merely be called upon when the time is right. Noting that the ropes are too far away to grab, the White King tries to sit up some to release the pressure but he can't get the leverage. Freeing his left hand from under TDR's leg and heading the other route, Kveldulf bends his body in the middle while giving his opponent a shove. It gets the desired effect, as the Reaver locks in a leg scissors around the head of His Royal Darkness.

With a twist the UUC applies torque to the neck, forcing TDR to release his shoulder lock and deal with the current situation. From the angle, it doesn't take much as the Dark One rolls forward to free himself and come up to a crouch, facing his opponent. Already the White King has regained his vertical base, rotating his arm to loosen everything up. Motioning for His Royal Darkness to get up, Kveldulf begins to circle around his opponent. The Dark Requiem turns to keep his eyes on the Reaver, the ball of his left foot touching the mat while keeping more of his weight on his right foot. Smiling, the UUC tests his foe's reflexes with a couple feints, keeping more of a taekwondo stance himself. The White King comes in with hip level kick that TDR sidesteps, putting his hands up to block the spinning backhand swing. Ducking and turning around, Kveldulf grabs the smaller opponent's wrist and connects with a short arm clothesline that drops him to the mat.

Delivering a stomp to the midsection, the Reaver kneels down and applies a chin lock to his opponent. The Dark One clenches his fists, thinking quickly how to escape. Not bothering to wear himself out trying to power out of this, His Royal Darkness reaches to the side and grabs the right knee of his opponent, applying pressure to the back of it with a vise-like grip. Kveldulf releases the submission and breaks TDR's grip on the joint. Again both creatures get up to their feet, looking for an opening to attack.

Posted on Nov 7, 2011, 7:05 PM

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