Really? Pandora says my meat is damn tasty and well worth... OH wait... you meant steak

by Crymzon Payne

Both men are down.

Sure Jason was worse off than Crymzon, but there is something about getting a stun gun from the top of a ladder that just really knocks it right out of you. Breathing is definitely not the most comfortable thing for the Aggression Champion, and there was an awful lot of soreness to his lower body from the seated senton he performed earlier. Add to that a chair to the face and Crymzon is definitely not totally with it. Jason on the other hand, while not as disoriented as Crymzon, is still in pain from the hell that he was put through moments ago. Above the ring, the DWF Television Championship rests, waiting for one of these two men to claim it.

Jason begins stirring first, his hands gripping the ring ropes. Slowly the Strikezone Champion begins pulling himself up to his feet, looking between the belt and his opponent, who still hasn't moved. Jason takes a second to weigh his options and decides for the moment that it would be best to lay on some more punishment while he still had the chance. The Strikezone Champion takes the mangled chair in hand and drives it down across Crymzon's back, the jagged edges where the chair had been broken biting down into the Aggression Champion's flesh. Another vicious chair shot from the Strikezone Champion sends Crymzon rolling out of the ring, trails of blood dripping down his back, leaving Jason standing in the ring alone.

JR: And Jason has drawn first blood in this match!

King: Now he needs to get up the ladder and bring down the belt!

Jason looks down at the bleeding back of the Aggression Champion before turning away. The ladder that is in the ring has one leg slightly twisted, probably due to the collapse from Jason's earlier drop kick, but he doesn't want to waste any time. The Strikezone Champion stands the ladder up in the middle of the ring, and though his body is protesting, begins his slow climb.

Pandora is kneeling at Crymzon's side, trying to urge the Aggression Champion to get to his feet. His mind is still foggy from the dropkick with the chair and his back is covered in streaks of crimson, but somehow, he has the presence of mind to bring himself up to his knees. Pandora is quick to hand him a chair, which he uses to help get himself to a standing position. The brunette checks on him before pointing to the ring. Crymzon looks over and sees Jason struggling to get up the ladder, due to his earlier injuries, but easily three quarters of the way up. It would be a matter of moments before Jason's fingers would brush against the championship, a little more time, and Jason would claim the belt as his.

Chair in hand, Crymzon manages to roll himself back into the ring. Jason, focusing entirely on making the climb up the ladder, doesn't notice Crymzon, that is until a chair slams into his back. A moment later and Jason feels the edge of the chair slam upwards, right between his legs. Jason falls backward off the ladder as Crymzon drops the chair. The Aggression Champion staggers backward into the corner, shaking the cobwebs loose from his head, his eyes remaining locked on Jason. As the Strikezone Champion makes it up to one knee, Crymzon rushes in with a burst of energy, Connecting with a knee trembler to the right temple on his opponent, then following up with a reverse STO, driving Jason's skull down into the steel chair on the mat, thus completing The Revolution. The impact into the chair is enough to bust open Jason's forehead.

Both men lay in the ring, broken and bloodied. The DWF Television Championship is still up for grabs.

Posted on Nov 8, 2011, 7:21 PM

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