A response from the office of the President

by Candice Fairchild (D.W.F President)

Mere seconds had passed when Candice Fairchild appeared on the tron screens in the arena and over all the monitors in the arena.

"Gideon if I could have your attention please"

King: "Woah, Ms. Fairchild herselfl is not only responding directly to Gideon's bitchfest, she's the first one to do so!"

J.R: "I'll say. Normally she would have him come to her office but we haven't seen this in awhile"

Booker: "If you ask me, the guy's begging for attention again. Didn't he say the same thing not long ago? I think Ms. Fairchild should put him in the time out his momma should have put him in"

King: "I told you Ms. Fairchild isn't taking anyone's crap. It's refreshing I think"

"Since you've had your say to clear the air, it's my turn. Let's get one thing straight here Gideon. If you're not happy here, then leave. I'll let you out of your contract as smoothly as possible if that's what you want. The first time I heard this speech of yours, I let it go considering how you keep "dying" and coming back. Figured it affects the brain each time it happens and it's been what? Four times now? I digress, that's neither here nor there. but getting back to your statement, I have no idea why you feel the need to defend your loyalty, no one has ever questioned you about it, I know I haven't and I haven't heard it from any of the superstars on the roster, and I listen to everything all of you say. Now if you're hearing voices that the rest of us can't hear, you might want to get that checked out with a good psychiatrist. Our in house physicians can recommend one for you if you can't find one in your area"

"Now back to what you said, while you may have contacted these superstars to check us out, it was THEM that liked what they saw and it was THEIR decision to stay and see how far they could go. They were responsible for their own success, not me or management. It was THEIR hard, consistant work that took them to the championships that they got and set them at the top of the tier."

"I don't know what your problem is, and to be honest, I don't have the time to hear groundless accusations, I get enough of that with groups like FFATT. What I will say is, that if you're not here to perform for these fans, then there's no point to keep you here. Bottom line Gideon, if you want to work here, then give the fans their money's worth, if not, then by all means, come by the office in the morning and i'll let you out of your contract with no hard feelings. We'll simply cut you a severence check for the remainder of your contract and wish you well with your future endeavors. Thank you"

Finishing her response, Candice vanished from the screens and the crowds fell into a murmur on what Gideon's decision would be.

Posted on Dec 11, 2011, 4:29 PM

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