Champion versus Champion

by Devil (DWF Intercontinental Champion)

MC - Here we go! The World Champion against the Intercontinental champion! Kveldulf versus Devil!

JR - This is something of dream match for alot of DWF fans out there.

Kveldulf manages to back Devil into a corner, in which the referee directs Kveldulf to back off. He does so but as he removes his hands from the Devil he quickly lands a quick open handed chop to the chest that echoes throughout the arena!

Booker T - He just smacked the Devil Man like he owed him money! Did you hear that!?

King - OUCH!

Kveldulf goes to whip Devil out of the corner but the Curse reverses the whip and charges forward onto the Reaver and attempts to execute a swift Monkey Flip but Kveldulf, uses his speed and technical skills to spin out of the corner and quickly launch Devil into the air to execute a kind of a snap Belly To Belly Suplex!

JR - What agility! He just countered that Monkey Flip attempt into a Belly To Belly Suplex!

Quickly the Reaver goes for the cover, grinding his forearm into the bridge of the Forbidden Champion's nose.

R - 1........

Devil quickly gets his shoulder up only to be swiftly pulled up by his hair to his feet then assaulted by a vicious martial arts side turning kick to the temple/side of the skull before being shot back into the ropes across the ring! Kveldulf attempts to catch a slightly groggy Devil coming off the ropes with his trademark Yakuza Kick but the Forbidden Champion uses his arms to clutch onto the top rope just as Kveldulf begins to launch his foot high into the air. Once the Reaver's foot was high enough Devil CHARGED FORWARD with a SPEAR to the right knee of the Reaver!

Booker T - The Devil man just SPEARED THE REAVER OUT HIS BOOTS!

MC - What a vicious manuever! Devil just speared the right knee of the Reaver while he had one foot in mid-air for a Yakuza kick attempt!

Now with Kveldulf clutching wildly as his right knee, growling in pain, Devil snatches at Kveldulf's right leg and savagely yanks at his entire leg as if he were trying to pull it out of the socket before quickly applying a Reverse Figure 4 Leglock in the very center of the ring!

King - He's got the DWF Champion in a Figure Four Leglock!

MC - Devil is trying to get in the World Champion's head as well as damaged that wounded knee with one of the Reaver's signature manuevers.

Booker T - I don't know about you guys but the Curse might just have the White King's number, dawgs!

JR - Devil has referred to himself as "Explicit Execution" inside of the ring which you can't argue with based on what he is doing to our World Heavyweight Champion right now in the center of the ring.

Posted on Jan 19, 2012, 1:47 PM

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