Or chump versus chump, depending on who's watching. lol

by Kveldulf, Universal Undisputed Champion

Kveldulf grits his teeth as Devil applies more pressure. The Reaver sits up for the moment, placing his palms against the canvas. Pushing off and dragging the pair closer to the ropes, the White King then lies back down and reaches out. Still a few inches short, he repeats the maneuver to break the submission. The referee begins a five count for Devil to break the hold. On four the Curse releases the submission getting up to his feet and stomping down on the knee. The White King pulls himself to the outside, falling the short distance to the floor, so he can regain his composure and buy some time. The ref begins the ten-count as Devil looks on for a moment. Not one to back away from a fight, he walks over to the ring edge and leaps over the top rope with a plancha as soon as the World Champion gets to his feet.

The Reaver sidesteps the attack letting the Curse crash to the floor. The White King rolls into the ring, bending his knee to get the kinks out from the quick series of attacks it took. He takes position on the opposite side of the squared circle, allowing the DWF Intercontinental Champion to get to his feet. Devil warily looks into the ring, wondering if there is a set up. The UUC motions for him to come in, giving him the space needed. Using the steps, the Curse re-enters the ring. Stepping forward towards each other, the two creatures circle around for a moment, looking for an opening to capitalize on his opponent.

Kveldulf feints forward with a bull rush attack, stopping short as Devil takes the bait. Parrying the drop kick to the side, the Reaver forcefully helps the Curse to his feet and knees him in the gut. A second knee attack follows and the Reaver whips his opponent to the ropes. Devil ducks under the clothesline attempt, leaping up to the top rope and coming off with a pele kick, connecting to the bridge of the White King's nose. The impact sends the Universal Undisputed Champion to the mat. Not wasting time, the Curse launches off with a moonsault from the middle rope.

Posted on Mar 3, 2012, 5:55 PM

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