You think we live on Sesame Street or something?

by Kveldulf

The Reaver continues to roll, making his way underneath the bottom rope to the floor outside so that he can regain his composure. Seth has taken the first win, but the second plays more into the White King's expertise. Trying to stand up, he stumbles over to the mess that the bikers made on the ground when they dumped to contents of their trays. Sitting with his back against the barrier, he watches Seth stand up and begin to limp around to work the stiffness and pain out of the left knee in the ring. Looking out, the challenger notices that the champion still looks out of it, perhaps from a concussion. Climbing through the ropes, Seth drops to the floor and walks over with the plan to end this quickly. He reaches down, forcing the UUC to his feet. In the process Kveldulf shoves a handful of bun, hotdog and relish into his opponent's mouth and nose.

Not letting up, the White King slams his opponent's head against the barrier and then whips him into the turnbuckle. Seth drops to a knee as something has become lodged in his throat, his hands clenched around his neck with the universal choking sign. As a cameraman moves forward, the White King waves him off as Becca shows him the champion's card of being an emergency medical responder. Grabbing Seth from behind, the Reaver places his hands in the correct position and begins the Heimlich maneuver. On the third pull, the section of meat dislodges and flies out into the crowd to be lost somewhere or to end up as a souvenir for a fan, a deranged fan. Not letting go, the champion lowers his grip and pulls back again, sending Seth back with a release German suplex onto the floor by the ring. The White King lays there for a moment, staring up at the arena lights before he gets up himself. Turning to face his opponent, Seth himself has started to get to his feet. When the Reaver closes the distance, the challenger lashes out with an elbow to the gut and then comes with a right hook.

Kveldulf manages to parry the hook, returning with a punch of his own that just glances off Seth's jaw. The two begin to trade blows, neither gaining the upper hand but slowly making their way over to the barrier. Finally Seth dodges a punch and then just tackles the Reaver over the top of the barrier, the two crashing to the concrete on the other side. Seth delivers a few well placed shots to the body; the White King then gets a leg in place and shoves the contender off with enough force to send him spinning into some chairs. As Seth gets up from the sticky floor, he sees the UUC making his way up the stairs, heading out into the concession area. Grabbing a chair and closing it, the challenger follows behind, wanting to make sure that he doesn't get too far away. Rushing out into the hall, Seth looks around amongst the fans and arena staff in search of his opponent. Then the wetness hits the side of his head and the strands of the mop come across his face.

The blow catches Seth off guard so he drops the chair and staggers to the side, fending off the next couple strikes by the champion. The mop head comes back to his face again and again before the Reaver then takes a step back, swinging it wipe so that the strands catch the contender around the left ankle. With a yank, he takes the man off his feet and tosses the mop to the side as the knee is overstretched. Reaching down, Kveldulf grabs the foot and then applies a standing leg lock to Seth's left leg, adding pressure as the referee finally gets in place to check about the submission. The challenger shakes his head no, gritting his teeth for the moment as an overzealous fan moves forward just to touch him. Then the sound of the boat horn screeches through the air, sending the fan scurrying for cover as Viper steps in to make him keep his distance. Kveldulf then drops to the floor, still holding the leg and in essence giving a DDT to the left heel. The blow hits a nerve just right to send pain shooting up the leg and into the hip of his opponent.

Seth screams as he sits up, delivering a solid punch to the chest of the Reaver, followed by another to make him let go. The cameras catch the eyes of the challenger and the fury in them. But they can't tell if he's pissed at the one who caused the pain or just that feeling in general. Before the UUC can get to his feet, Seth is slamming his head against the floor, delivering solid blows to the face. Breathing heavily as the adrenaline flows through, the challenger gets to his feet, bringing the champion up with him. Walking him over to a counter top, he slams the head against it a couple times, and then slams it against a wall and then a table. Walking their way through the halls, Seth randomly punches the champion or smacks him against something to keep him off balance. Then tossing him through a door, the two find themselves in locker room as Becca shoos the occupants out.

Posted on Apr 30, 2012, 6:32 PM

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