Wishes Are For Losers



"Don't worry about me being ready. What you need to worry about is how you're going to deal with the fact you were beat at your own game. After I beat and embarrass you in the Street Fight you will have no choice but to accept the reality that I am an All Star and you're just another Super Star that's lost it's shine."

JR - You have to admire this Young Gun's confidence.

Michael Cole - Why wouldn't he be? I don't think any of you understand why kind of a Big Time talent this guy is going to be in the DWF.

Booker T - Maybe not. What I do understand is that Viper is bout to unleash Hell on this boy in that Street Fight!

He shrugged with an arrogant smile.

"So...are we done here? I can see the smoke coming out of your ears trying to come up with questions to ask me that aren't retarded."

Knowing that she was trying to throw him off his game with the mind games and messages he refused to even acknowledge what he had heard in his head. Confidently, looking down at his wrist as if he were running late for an important meeting, "You're on the clock..."

Posted on May 17, 2012, 1:04 AM

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