Time to paint the town red, with your blood

by Viper

The silence over Bourbon Street seemed deafening as two blocks were roped off and a heavy police detail stood watch for the brutal match that was about to hit New Orleans featuring Viper and Slade. In the near distance the screams and cheers filled the air as throngs of fans and locals climbed on the tops of the buildings and filled balconies just outside the perimeter in hopes of catching a glimpse of this macabre Mardi Gras.

In other parts of the city, fans watched on huge screens situated in the arena and erected in the French Quarter, Garden District and several other points, while others watched from the numerous bars situated on every block. Suddenly, the church bells began to toll ominously and on the 4th strike, the loudspeakers began blaring with Destroy while the tron screens began flashing with the brunette's entrance announcing the arrival of the one, the only, the deadly, Viper!

Roars of cheers and howls arose all over the city as the leather clad femme fatale made her way out of a voodoo shop and into the middle of Bourbon Street with the thick base of a sceptor in one hand and beads dangling from her neck. Smiling ferally, the raven haired hellraiser glanced around and thrust her arm into the air and then slapped the sceptor against her opposite hand.

Glancing around with a bloodthirsty glint in her eyes, the venomous vixen kept her guard up and a wary eye out for Slade's arrival. This was her city and today was the day that the young vampire's luck ran out and he'd find out once and for all just how "rusty" this wrestling icon was not.

A low growl stirred in Viper's throat as her hands gripped the sceptor tighter in anticipation of getting her hands on this arrogant upstart...

Posted on Jun 5, 2012, 7:39 PM

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