I was always too cool for scool

by Draven


The lights began to flicker then dim the tron suddenly came to Life showing highlight footage of Draven training with Gideon as he was being taught some of his moves, as Ether by Nas blared on the pa. Soon shadows and light began to pour out of the entrance as they danced to the music. A lone figure began to walk out as the shadow and light danced with every step he took. The figure had hooded trench coat with the hood over his head..He was clad in leather from head to toe. He had a leather zrmor padded vest and leather pants. He wore buckled boots wit a ribbed design. On his arms wsere some tribal Tattoos with a cross similar to Gideeon. He wore padded gloves witj buckles amd te same ribbed design as his boots. Pyros began to go off as he walked towards the ring.

The figure was Gideon's son The Shadow walker Draven himself. He removed his hood. As he reached the ring he flipped over the ropes into the ring as he summoned his sword, and began doing a martial arts kata as he swung his sword and ran up the ring post then flipped and landed on his feet. The shadows and light energy continued to dance. Draven then went down on one knee as to say a prayer as his glowing ice blue eyes glowed intensely like Gideon and turned pitch black.

Soon the shadow and the light energy began to swirl around the ring as he began to absorb them into his body and began to levitate in the air as the light and shadow entered his body Two wings then appeared on his back one of light and the other of shadow. The wing made of the blue light energy transformed into a dove while the one made of shadow turned into a raven and both took flight and then were absorbed back into his body. He stopped levitating as he landed back on his knee again. The fans began to cheer loudly as they began to chant in unison. holding up signs saying the next Generation Dark Savior is here, and one was even held up saying Gideon's legacy will live on.

Posted on Jun 6, 2012, 1:07 PM

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