I'll settle for the sound of your hand hitting the mat as you submit...

by Vengeance Knight

Michael Cole - Seth has made his way to the outside to continue the attack. It remains to be seen whether or not that is a smart move.

JR - The outside is definitely not where you want to be with our Champion.

King - You definitely want to keep the pressure on the challenger. Seth doesn't have to beat Vengeance Knight.

JR - That's right, King. The Champion's advantage comes into play in terms of strategy.

Just as Vengeance Knight pulls himself back up to his feet Seth meets him only to nail him with a vicious Double Axe Hammer Smash to the forehead that sends him back down again. Seth, slowing down the pace of the contest, slowly pulls his masked challenge up to his feet only to drive his spine into the edge of the right on the outside.

Booker T - Seth just drove that Boy into the edge of the ring SPINE-FIRST!

JR - Not pretty but effective. That is textbook Seth right there.

Seth pulls up Vengeance Knight and attempts to Irish Whip him right into the steel steps on the outside of the ring but as Vengeance rushes towards the steel steps he manages to get his foot up to block the momentum and use the one leg he blocked the momentum with by stepping up on the edge of the steel steps then boosting himself up to attempt a leaping martial arts kick that Seth sidesteps, countering with a thunderous clothesline that folds Vengeance inside out!

Michael Cole - Seth just turned Vengeance INSIDE-OUT with that clothesline! What a move!

JR - That's something you can't teach or coach. It's pure instinct right there.

King - Seth is not the best in the DWF for nothing! He proves that every single time he steps into the ring.

Seth rolls Vengeance back into the ring and goes for a cover!
Referee - 1, 2, T-KICKOUT!

Seth hooks the leg and covers once more, driving his forearm into the face of his masked challenger!

Referee - 1, 2, Th-KICKOUT!

Seth finally goes to pull up Vengeance but is caught with a Double First Strike to the chest and upper stomach that catches Seth off guard. After back peddling slightly, Seth goes to Irish Whip Vengeance once more only to have the move countered. After Seth is sent into the ropes with the Irish Whip counter Vengeance and gets hit with a Spinning Back Kick to the stomach that knocks the air out of him momentarily then immediately taken down with a leaping Double Foot Stomp to the head of Seth as he was buckled over!

JR - Vengeance just drove his boots right into the back of Seth's head!

Michael Cole - Seth might have some head trauma after this match! Vengeance put all of his weight behind that Double Foot Stomp to drive Seth's skull back into the mat for the second time in this match!

In one fluid motion, Vengeance locks in his variation of the Crippler Crossface! Now with Seth locked into the submission Vengeance clinches in the hold and dares the champion to find a way to counter or escape.

Posted on Jun 27, 2012, 9:25 PM

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