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Plant ID?

June 15 2012 at 2:16 PM

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I have a plant I got at a plant swap several years ago. It struggled along & mostly didn't impress me, so I have been close to yanking it out several times. But this year it really kicked in and has lots of flowers. It's supposed to be Cerinte Major (Blue Shrimp Flower), but the flower form looks nothing like it should...instead of the "shrimp" shape, it has smallish blue stars. The blue and purple coloring sort of speak to the C. Major & I think the foliage (sorry, no pics) looks about right. The plant stands a foot or so tall, sprawling loosely. The flowers are at the ends of the stems. I've Googled images of Cerinthe, but found nothing that looks like my flowers. Can anyone help?

An additional note: The flower color is close to an indigo blue (with a bit of purple)...this pic was taken in low light, so the color came out modified. The leaves remind me of eucalyptus or honeysuckle, the way they come off the main stem.


USDA Zone 8b
Heat Zone 3
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[linked image]

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