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Frequently Asked Questions = How do I...?

September 20 2005 at 6:09 PM

BobKy  (Premier Login bob2aa)

Make a Suggestion to improve the forum:

Post your fourm suggestion message here

Email the Forum Moderator with your suggestion or question

General Forum Help:

Create an account so I can post messages?

How to stay Logged In?

Find the Chat room?

How do I put my own picture in each post?

Find Seed Exchange listings?

Add a signature to my messages?

Determine my USDA Plant Hardiness Zone?

Determine my Sunset Heat Zone and AHS Heat Zone?

Determine who is online now?

Help from being an "Anonymous" poster ?

Post your FOR SALE item?

Edit your forum message?

Add a Smiley to your message?

Why your message does not immediately appear?

Can I help with forum expenses?

Our other forums:Brugmansia,Butterfly and Feathered Friends?

Adding weather/temperature to your signature

See the current Forum Statistics

Posting a picture:

Guidelines for posting copyrighted material?

Post a picture in my message?

Post multible, clickable thumbnail pictures in my post?

Photobucket Slideshow feature?

Enhance your digital pictures?

Need a free digital image editor?

Free digital image hosting sites?

Free Image Resizer plug-in for Windows XP?

Free Image (GIF) animator program

Useful Internet tools:

Spell check my messages?

Free online spell checker?

Another method to spell check your forum messages?

How to Copy and Paste?

What do Acronyms like "LOL" mean?

Link to something in my message?

Setting a picture as your Wallpaper/Background?

High speed Internet connection for those who can't get cable or DSL?

Hummgingbird flowering plants and feeders:

Plant sellers recommended by forum members?

Build your own ant moat?

What flowering plants attract Hummingbirds?

Flowering seed identification and more?

Plant pronunciation guides?

Your other favorite Hummingbird and flower sites?

Good and bad feeders?

Average US first and last frost dates?

Mango Verde Hummingbird guide

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