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Kathi and Michael Rock
(Login kathirock)
Hummingbird Member 2006

Re: Red Fountain

June 27 2016, 3:44 AM 


What a great photo!! You are so lucky to have different species of hummingbirds over such a long season!!

We have a small, shallow garden pond that does get visited by hummingbirds later in the season. It could be that Ruby-throats are a little more resistant to visiting an artificial fountain like this---I've seen so many videos of Western hummingbirds using them. It is a frustrating problem for those members in the east and Midwest that rely on these fountains as their water source for hummingbirds.
Michael and Kathi Rock
Madison, WI
Zone 5

[linked image]

Marilyn Gruber
(Login MarilynGruber)
Hummingbird Lover 2015

Red Fountain

June 27 2016, 2:59 PM 


Thank you for sharing all of the information!!! Even if I do not get the same kind of hummingbirds in my yard (lucky you to have different kinds visit), I am still happy to hear about the happenings in your yard and the use of the fountains. Wonder why the other types like the fountain so much and yet not much use from the RT's??? Those of us who wait for a visit have hope when we hear from people like you. Thank you.

Marilyn Gruber
Zone 5

(Login bromosounds)
Hummingbird Lover 2016

RTs use our fountain

June 28 2016, 11:56 AM 

[linked image] Hello everyone. I've been lurking for a couple of years now and have learned a lot from all of you. I decided to join so I could spread some hope to others who haven't seen a hummer use their fountain yet. I purchased a red fountain from Kmart last spring and also bought one for my parents. We have all seen the ruby throats use them. I admit that I've only witnessed it a handful of times, and believe me, I freeze in place when it does! Each time it was very early in the morning, still a little dark out, before the sun had completely risen. They cling to the ridges just like I've seen in the videos people have posted.
I live on the north side of Indianapolis (hello Indy Steve!). Sadly, this is a very slow year for our yard. I seem to only have 2 RTs around, a male and a female. Most years we have 3 times that many. Our neighborhood has lost LOTS of ash trees in the last couple of years and I've read here that could be a reason for the decline.
Don't give up hope and remember to look right before dawn.

Indy Steve
(Login SteveWnindy)
Hummingbird lover 2007

Re: Red Fountain

June 28 2016, 5:29 PM 

Hi Monique

Nice to hear some in my area have actually witnessed it, perhaps I need to get up earlier to see it. Sorry to say at present my fountain pump has failed after 3 years and am currently in the process of replaceing it, guess I let the water run too low.
Martinsville In.
Zone 6

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Marilyn Gruber
(Login MarilynGruber)
Hummingbird Lover 2015

Red Fountain

June 28 2016, 6:49 PM 


You have made my day!! Thank you for telling us of your red fountain use. I am setting my alarm and plan to spend early morning times in my yard. Even if I do not see any use this year, my "hope springs eternal" I will just watch next year. Thank you for telling us (who still wait for a visit to our fountain), that it can happen because it happens in your yard.

Marilyn Gruber
Zone 5

(Login Amy_OR)
Hummingbird Member 2005

Re: Red Fountain

June 29 2016, 12:54 AM 

Thanks for the kind words on the photo. It isn't the best, but I was just lucky to have had the camera in my hands at the time. I must be the only person left in the world who doesn't have a camera phone! I might need to look into that solely for the camera.

I am so very lucky to have so many hummmingbirds year round here. I have been hummingbird obsessed since I saw my first one in the mid-90's. I only attracted a few and was happy. We moved to this house in Winter of 2006 and didn't see any until the next spring when we had a few. The neighbor's were interested, I'm pretty sure they thought I was nuts, and said that we didn't have any around. Slowly, the population grew and the neighbors became more interested and more houses than not in the neighborhood have feeders out now.

Most of them don't feed through the winter like I do. The belief that they need to leave and feeding them makes them stay. Our Anna's are year round residents and don't leave.

Last year, the population exploded! I'm filling 6 16 oz feeders daily and it has become somewhat of a chore! The old saying of being careful what you wish for.....I do love them so, though. I always have food cooling on the kitchen counter and a kitten with a wicked sweet tooth who is always trying to drink it. I try to hide it from him!

I really find this interesting. Do we have so many more birds because of us feeding them or is there something else driving the population increase?

I also find it very interesting find that Western species use the fountains more and wonder what is the basis for this? I envy the shallow pond that you have Kathi and I am glad the hummingbirds visit it.

Sorry Steve that your pump gave out. I have heard that you can buy a replacement pump from the fountain company, but I suspect that you might get a better deal somewhere else on a compatible one.

Has anyone made the fountain out of the oil drip pan and the pump that I saw on here I few months ago? I would like to try it and just wondered if anybody had an feedback on it.
Corvallis, OR
Zone 8

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