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Mail Orders Received this Week-Select Seeds/Kartuz

May 12 2017 at 9:29 PM
Joni  (Login Yodlei44)
Hummingbirder 2008

Received my order from SELECT SEEDS yesterday 5/11/17. Plants are small but very nice as usual. My only disappointment (not their fault) was that Petunia axillaris 'Rainmaster' was unavailable due to crop failure. They had new packaging which was impressive. PETE 1 containers (like strawberries & grape tomatoes come in) that had covers that snapped over the pots & the plant rested in the open tray.

From left to right:
Salvia patens 'Dot's Delight'
Salvia guaranitica 'Blue Brazillian'
Fuchsia hybrid 'Eruptions'
and 2 white Heliotrope
[linked image]

And from KARTUZ 5/12/17 (somewhat disappointed):
Front row:
Pentas lanceolata 'Stars & Stripes'
Justicia cericea 'Inca Queen'
Russelia sormentosa
Pentas lanceolata 'Silver Star'
Back row:
Pentas lanceolata 'Stars & Stripes'
2 Pentas lanceolata 'Crimson Star'
2 Pentas lanceolata 'Nova'
[linked image]
(One pot was empty & found plant under the packing peanuts completely snapped off. Most had very stiff, old stems which are probably a good thing but plants were very limp but soil was not dry. Not impressed & probably will not buy from them again. Will see what they say after I contact them as I doubt the broken plant will survive).

Elwood, IL
Zone 5

[linked image]

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Marilyn Gruber
(Login MarilynGruber)
Hummingbird Lover 2015

Mail order received this week

May 12 2017, 10:44 PM 

Wow Joni,

I am surprised as I have always had such good luck with plants ordered from this company, always well packed and healthy looking plants too. I hope you can get the problem resolved for shipping of plants is costly and now it may be difficult to get replacements of the same kind of plants too. I have not received my plant orders yet (did not order from the company you did). Hope things work out for you. Hope we see a hummingbird soon too in our gardens. Remember "Good things come to those who wait".

Marilyn Gruber
Zone 5

King Cupheaphea
(Login King_Cupheaphea)
Hummingbird Member 2005

They're so little.

May 13 2017, 12:19 AM 

Hey Joni! After hearing you mention your sister has had hummingbirds across the street from you, and seeing how little these plants are right now, do you have any flowering trees, or other hummingbird plants that are larger and flowering? If she does, and you don't, that might be the reason they're over there, and not in your yard. They'll surely find your feeder sooner or later, but, if you wan't it to be SOONER, you need to take immediate action. Once they have it in their minds that she's the primary food spot and your secondary or tertiary or worse, you won't see many hummers until your plants are much bigger.

It doesn't have to be a million dollars worth of plants, but you need to give them a target in order to lure them away from your sister. It could almost literally be a big red target. Like an old garbage can lid or saucer sled painted bright red with 4 yellow dots on it. Sound familiar? Toss it out in the sun in the middle or your lawn.

If any of the local greenhouses or nurseries have Vermillionaire Cigar Plants, GET SOME! They should be at least 1' tall and full of flowers. Get 4-6 4" pots of them (or as many as you can afford if you want to go all crazy and have hummers by the end of the day).

This is what you're looking for...

Call over to Home Depot 1-815-725-6301 to see if they have any. If not...

Try calling these folks in the morning to see if they have any...

Green Glen Nursery = 1-815-722-3133

Golden Gate Nursery = 1-815-464-6655

Sunshine Garden Center = 1-815-458-6100

You can also ask if they have David Verity Cigar Plants (at the nurseries, HD won't have them), but I find them to be the least drought hardy of these styles of Cigar Plants.

If they don't have either of those, (and do not get cuphea ignea ignea sometimes labeled 'Dynamite', it's a sprawling little ground cover and isn't what you're looking for), get several Black and Blue Salvias. They break like boogers in the wind, but Hummers love them too.

Now get several plants that have lots and lots of bright orange/bright red flowers (they don't have to be hummingbird plants!). It should be something that makes you say "WOW THAT'S A BIG CLUMP OF RED/ORANGE FLOWERS" from across the parking lot as you walk into the nursery. Because that's what you want the hummingbirds to see and then say about the flowers you bring home to your yard. That's the lure you need to get them off of your sister's property and onto yours.

Set them in a sunny spot in your yard where you can see them from your window, and more importantly, where the hummingbirds can see them from your sister's feeder/flowers.

If you have anything to make an elevated platform with (even an upside down garbage can, large empty plant pot or bucket or something similar), set your Cigar Plants on top of it.

Surround it with your bright orange/red "HEY HUMMINGBIRDS!" flowers.

Have a seat inside at an open window (hopefully screened) and make a bunch of chirping kiss noises. Use them to count 1-2-3. Stop. Chirp-kiss-count 1, 1-2. Stop. Repeat or come up with your own pattern if you remember how hummingbirds chirp when flitting about your feeder. Pause for a few minutes and observe your lure for hummingbirds. If no birds are present, chirp-kiss a bit more, pause for a few minutes, repeat as necessary until hummingbirds arrive. Then rest your lips and enjoy the show!

If you want the hummers to come to your back yard, just move the Lure-And-Feed-Flower-Stand (TM 2017 King Cupheaphea) a few feet each day until the stand is in your back yard where you'd like to view the hummingbirds.

Good Luck stealing your sister's, I mean reclaiming your humm, I mean welcoming wee-winged visitors to your yard too! wink.gif

p.s. For next year, or even now if you have the budget for it, get some Horse-chestnut trees. O'neil Red, and Fort McNair are two popular varieties and are in full bloom right now in my backyard and neighborhood (you'd think I was on the planning commision or something with the number of horse-chestnuts planted throughout the area a few years back) and are the hummingbirds' current 'go-to' plant around these parts.

Have Fun, Be Patient, and Keep Your Eyes Peeled!
~Nate. [linked image] The Mighty King Cupheaphea is in Zn 1/2" to the left of your second knuckle from the tip of your thumb on your right palm. wink.gif[linked image]

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(Login Yodlei44)
Hummingbirder 2008

Re: Mail Orders Received this Week (Partial Disappointment)

May 13 2017, 12:34 AM 

Thanks for all of those suggestions but these small plants are only the mail orders. You probably didn't get to or look yet at my other plant shopping posts. I have everything you mentioned except the Red Horse Chestnuts (which aren't far behind as I have already looked at them) & I haven't chirped yet but I talk to them even though they aren't there. Glad I live on an acre or my neighbors might think I'm nuts (or more nuts). I even have Cuphea 'Dynamite' (not for hummer use but as a filler in a mixed pot just because it is well behaved & I like it. There is over $600 of plants sitting right in my driveway (many flowering) so that is not what is keeping them away. They will be here (& I am betting on tomorrow)....just taking their time. Sis has way less plants then I do & hers are even in a greenhouse so she must have saw them at feeders instead of plants.

Thanks again for your suggestions though!

Elwood, IL
Zone 5
[linked image]

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Kathi and Michael Rock
(Login kathirock)
Hummingbird Member 2006

Re: Mail Orders Received this Week (Partial Disappointment)

May 13 2017, 2:03 AM 


We will be receiving our Select Seeds order any day now. Your plants look pretty good and I'm interested to see what their new packaging is like.

I haven't ordered from Kartuz in many years, but I do remember that the plants were very small and not as carefully packed.
Michael and Kathi Rock
Madison, WI
Zone 5

[linked image]


(Login Pennytoo)
Hummingbird Moderator 2005

Re: Mail Orders Received this Week-Select Seeds/Kartuz

May 14 2017, 8:31 AM 

I haven't had the chance to order anything this year due to all the renovation we are doing in the house (no place to put any new plants). I finally sowed one small tray of Lady in red and Coral nymph salvias last month and they have all sprouted but still no rue leaves so it will be a little longer before they can be planted out.

For a while I will be relying on the David Verity plants I overwintered and a couple of Black & Blue that I found at the farmers market this week end. All are stil a bit on the small side but they are healthy and will take off as soon as I can get them planted.
USDA hardiness zone 6a
Heat zone 4
Sunset zone 39

(Login tbyrnes)
Hummingbird Member 2006

Re: Mail Orders Received this Week-Select Seeds/Kartuz

May 14 2017, 8:57 AM 

I ordered all the pentas that you mentioned, Joni, from Kartuz and they all arrived healthy and ready to be replanted. That was last year. This year they are all doing well.

Hopefully yours will recover soon and start growing.

I would guess that if you call Kartuz they will send you a replacement for the one that was broken off.
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(Login happyhummer)
Hummingbird Lover 2015

Re: Mail Orders Received this Week-Select Seeds/Kartuz

May 14 2017, 11:47 AM 

I ordered from Select Seeds for the first time this year, and was really pleased with the plants! The packaging was excellent and the plants were healthy and still moist. I had ordered from other sources, but Select Seeds were the best. I will definitely order from them again!

Lakeview, OR
Zone 4/5

(Login Yodlei44)
Hummingbirder 2008

Re: Mail Orders Received this Week-Select Seeds/Kartuz

May 16 2017, 6:32 PM 

I bought & mentioned 2 companies & no problem with Select Seeds.

However, Kartuz replied to my email & didn't have anymore 'Stars & Stripes' Pentas left so they refunded my money & also gave me rooting instructions to try & save it. Good customer service but I am hoping to get cuttings this year so maybe I won't have to buy on-line next year from them.

Elwood, IL
Zone 5
[linked image]

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